Roger van Zandvoort



Roger Van Zandvoort

Roger van Zandvoort was born in Heerlen, Holland, in 1958.

At age 20 he went to the Nederlandse Akademie voor Natuurgeneeskunde, in Hilversum, the Netherlands. Due to his deep knowledge of phytotherapy, acquired before and during this study, he was immediately invited to start lecturing at the Akademie when he finished his study.

In 1982 he started work on additions and corrections to Kent's Repertory, without initial intention of publication. That work was for the benefit of his patients but gradually he started to dedicate less time to them and more time to his work on the repertory.

From these efforts sprang a database called the "Complete Repertory" that started to be used commercially in homeopathic software programs such as MacRepertory and later CARA and Hompath.

In 1990, guided by Dr. Künzli and later by Hansjoerg Hee and Dario Spinedi, 40 medical doctors from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland began to integrate Boger's Boenninghausen Repertory into the Complete Repertory. During the ensuing 6 years Roger received and integrated their work into his Repertory.

After 20 years of work, consisting of updating and improving the Complete Repertory, Roger still works full-time on this project, now called the Repertorium Universale.

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