Massimo Mangialavori

(1958 -)

Massimo Mangialavori

Massimo Mangialavori was born in the city of Naples, Italy on 30 November 1958, growing up first in Milan, and then from 1966 in Modena, where he has lived and worked ever since.

Mangialavori qualified as a doctor in 1984, and then specialized in Food Sciences at the University of Modena, under Professor Nino Battistini, gaining his diploma in 1987. His thesis was on the effects of fasting in human beings.

He studied medical anthropology from the beginning of his university career, and out of this grew an interest in traditional forms of medicine. This in turn led him to dedicate himself entirely to classical homeopathy, which he has been practicing since 1985.

He attended some courses in homeopathy in Italy, as well as various seminars throughout Europe, but remained rather dissatisfied. Only after meeting Dr Giovanni Marotta of Roma, and the years of study and reflection that they spent together, did he continue his work with enthusiasm. He then developed a personal methodology for the study and application of homeopathy.

For the past few years, Dr. Mangialavori has been sharing this with various groups of colleagues, both in Italy and abroad. In 1991 he began to teach, thanks to invitations from Dr. Hans Zwemke of Berlin, and from colleagues in the Dutch Homeopathic Society, chiefly Dr Cees Baas and Dr Fernand Debats.

These first seminars allowed him to present some of his work, his ideas and the cured cases that he had gathered in the preceding years. Since then he has divided his time between his practice in Italy and the teaching of homeopathy for different organizations with whom he has been, and is presently associated, including:

In 1993 Mangialavori founded The Association for Homeopathic Research and Study - Ulmus', an organization that is active in teaching and research both nationally and internationally.

Since 1994 he has organized various workshops and seminars for Ulmus, including an international seminar in Capri that is already in its seventh year.

Mangialavori has been a board member of FIAMO (the Italian Federation for Homeopathic Associations and Doctors) for the last seven years.

His particular responsibilities are: homeopathic education; relations with other European schools; and the drafting of guidelines for the organization and the curriculum adopted by the Education Department for FIAMO-approved homeopathic colleges.

In 1993, in association with Dr Giovanni Marotta, Mangialavori initiated the first postgraduate seminars in classical homeopathy in Italy. Out of these seminars was born, in 1998, the current International School for Continuing Postgraduate Training in Homeopathic Medicine CIMI-Koiné, which he runs along with Dr Marotta.

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