Melissa Assilem


Melissa Assilem

Melissa divides her time between California, London, and the island of Lesbos, in Greece. Her main home is in California now, but she spent the better part of her adult life in England.

She is semi retired from practice, busy writing, and doing some teaching. She lectures in California and the UK and continues to conduct seminars in Greece.

"I am not sure if once you are a homeopath you can ever really retire."

"When Homeopathy came my way it was like meeting my soul's purpose head on. I walked into it like a duckling walks into water. I knew I had been born to do this amazing thing."

"I devoured this new knowledge with a great hunger. I had teachers, who told me there was only one way it should be done, and I would try it and if it seemed to work I would incorporate it. I had teachers who told me to do what was appropriate and not always stick to the dogma. They were the ones who gave me the freedom to explore beyond the existing parameters."

"I was using and practicing homeopathy long before I was officially qualified. I was teaching it before I graduated. It seemed everything I had ever done led to this astonishing encounter. I simply loved it. It involved science as well as spirit. It involved soul as well as body. It brought me the link I had been unknowingly seeking all of my life. I had found my passion. I had come home."

Melissa's work has focused on women's health issues. She created a distance learning course on women's health for the British Institute of Homeopathy, covering everything from conception to old age.

Her first book, The Mad Hatter's Tea Party, came from a series of seminars she did about how remedies reflect the way we relate to the substance culturally, as well as spiritually.

Her interest in educating about the poisonous effects of hormone abuse inspired Melissa's work with the remedies Folliculinum (oestrone), Lac humanum, and Luna. She wrote her second book, Women Ripening Through The Menopause, as an outcry against such an important rite of passage being treated as a disease.

Melissa refers to provings as 'proofings', and has conducted many on a variety of remedies including Usnea, Apple, Silkworm, Lac lupaninum, Octopus, Venus, Amniotic Fluid, and Umbilical Cord.

Her upcoming book Gifts of the Mother, is about the Matridonal (mother gift) remedies. It addresses her unique way of conducting proofings, and includes the remedies Lac humanum, Folliculinum, Placenta, Amniotic Fluid, Vernix, and Umbilical Cord.

In 1991, Melissa took a year off and moved to the island of Lesbos, in Greece, where she has been a part time resident ever since. Every May since 2000, she conducts a week long residential seminar there, where the group conducts proofings and enjoys the natural wonder of the island. Melissa has also created a series of flower essences, The Greek Tree Essences, all from within a kilometer of her home in Greece.

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