Ian Watson

Ian Watson co-founded The Lakeland College in 1993 and is known internationally as a lecturer and workshop leader in the fields of homeopathy and self-development.

His homeopathic training was broad-ranging, and he has trained and practiced in other disciplines alongside homeopathy.

Ian has always been interested in the wider field of healing and tends to view homeopathy as a 'transitional medicine' which enables people to break out of the allopathic framework, serving as a stepping-stone into the realms of energy healing and personal growth.

He has spent many years investigating the dynamics of healing relationships, and believes that this is an area where homeopaths could learn a lot from other disciplines.

He is the author of A Guide to the Methodologies of Homeopathy and The Tao of Homeopathy and Musculo-Skeletal Problems. He has over 20 recorded seminars available in CD and mp3 format.

In recent years Ian has shifted the emphasis of his consultation work in order to explore the dynamics of healing relationships in greater depth. He has subsequently trained in a variety of emotional release therapies, and made an extensive study of the work of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, R.D. Laing, Milton Erickson, Marion Woodman, Arnold Mindell and other pioneers in the realm of spiritual and psychological health.

Ian's consultation work is now focused on the areas of emotional release, belief change, life transitions, dreamwork and consciousness transformation. His work is based upon the simple premise that we already have within us everything we need for our growth and healing, and the practitioner's role is to help us remember and experience that.

He lives in Devon, England with his wife and daughter.

Books by Ian Watson: