Liliana Miucci

(BSc, HOM), Classical Homeopath


Liliana Miucci

Liliana Miucci (BSc, HOM), Classical Homeopath, began studying homeopathy in 2006 after seeing the significant effects of homeopathic treatment on her five children. Reading about its principles and philosophy made her realize that, “This is where I want to be.”

She studied at schools in Germany, Italy and Switzerland, earning a degree in Classical Homeopathy and Basic Medical Training after four years. Before homeopathy Liliana earned a Bachelors degree in Commerce - awarded with full honours - at Milan's Luigi Bocconi Commercial University and spent a decade in Cost Control.

Born and raised in an English-speaking area of French Canada, in a family with Italian origins, Liliana was a polyglot from a very young age, and she uses her knowledge of five European languages to benefit both her practice and the homeopathic community.

One of her first research projects in homeopathy was on butterfly remedies. Liliana studied all available materia medica and provings on butterflies in both English and German, and made this information available to her Italian-speaking colleagues in Italy and Switzerland. In the process, she became the prevailing homeopathic expert on butterfly remedies. She also studied and translated Ambika Wauters' color remedies, and has periodically used them successfully as homeopathic 'boosters' in her practice.

Liliana practices classical homeopathy in her Swiss office, treating patients who speak a variety of languages and teaching courses to laypeople on the proper use of homeopathic substances. She also organizes and translates international seminars on the Sensation Method in Italy and Italian-speaking Switzerland, with guest speaker Dr. Shekhar Algundgi, professor at Rajan Sankaran's The Other Song Academy. There have been five seminars so far, each extremely successful and rewarding for participants.

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