Dinesh Chauhan

(1974 -)

Dinesh Chauhan

Dr. Dinesh Chauhan was born July 19, 1974. Dr. Chauhan is a distinguished lecturer and one of the most influential teachers of the Sensation Method today. He and his wife Dr. Urvi Chauhan have organized the Swasthya Homeopathic Clinic in Mumbai where they hold clinical courses for students from around the globe.

The main focus of Dr. Dinesh's teaching is his pioneering work on a case taking process which he describes as 'the Scientifically Intuitive Case Witnessing Process' or CWP. He considers finding the patient's core as one of the homeopath's biggest achievements. His case witnessing process is a reproducible method for homeopaths to discover this core, hence the client's simillimum.

Dr. Dinesh has lectured internationally and he has a three-year clinical course program in Japan, Serbia and Israel. He also conducts video courses and has created online courses for homeopaths in Canada, England, Japan, Belgium, Egypt and the USA.

Books by Dinesh Chauhan

He was also instrumental in putting together Dr. Rajan Sankaran's book:
An Insight into Plants - Volumes I and II.

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