Claudio Araujo

Prof. Dr., MD, MFHom


Dr. Araujo is a graduate of Faculdade de Medicina de Vassouras, Estado do Rio de Janeiro, and took the full-year London MFHom course in 1977-1978.

In private practice since 1976, Dr. Araujo is a professor at the Homeopathic Medical Clinics of the Univ. of Rio de Janeiro and a GP in the Outpatient Dept. of the Instituto Hahnemanniano do Brasil. He teaches at 5 homeopathic institutes in Brazil, lectures throughout Brazil, and teaches and supervises homeopaths-in-training.

He has written two books (Acute Cases in Homeopathy, and Psora: Hahnemann´s Approach to Miasmathic Theory), published many articles in homeopathic journals, and has lectured and presented papers both in South America and Europe.

His most recent article on Acute Cases was published in Italy’s "Il Medico Omeopataquot; (Nov. 2009). His newest book, Dengue Fever in Rio de Janeiro, will be published in 2010.

Dr. Araujo was Coordinator of the Instituto de Homeopatia James Tyler Kent (1985/2003), and is a Member of the Instituto Hahnemanniano do Brasil and of LMHI.

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