Gloria St John

Gloria St John

Gloria St John has practiced classical homeopathy in various parts of northern California for over 20 years. She is a graduate of the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to her practice, she is an educator, lecturer, editor, and writer. She is passionate about self-care using homeopathy as the first line of defense, and has designed a class called Homeopathy at Home which she has taught to hundreds of students. She has also conducted homeopathic study groups and trained health food store personnel to more effectively sell homeopathic products.

Gloria has published articles on various subjects in Homeopathy Today as well as edited Nancy Herrick’s classic book, Animal Mind, Human Voices. She has also edited a number of books written by functional medicine MDs on a variety of topics.

She also enjoyed a long career as an administrator and consultant to health facilities as well as the federal and state government.

Magic Medicine: Homeopathy as Shamanism is Gloria’s fourth book, and it was inspired by Nancy Herrick’s understanding of the power of nature in her books, in Animal Mind, Human Voices and Sacred Plants, Human Voices. It goes beyond this, however, in making an explicit comparison between homeopathy and Shamanism. The comparison reveals similarities in both systems’ employing the healing power of nature to heal the whole person as well as the patient’s lineage. While some have felt that this comparison may compromise the scientific basis for homeopathy, Gloria feels that by aligning homeopathy with the oldest and most complete form of healing on the planet she has actually strengthened the image of homeopathy, developing one that is attractive to many more people.

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