Filip Degroote

(1955 -)

Filip Degroote

Filip Degroote graduated as a Doctor in Medicine in 1978. He has maintained a full-time classical homeopathic practice for 28 years.

Dr. Degroote's early work was influenced by Doctor A. Pladys, under whose direction he developed the pioneering work concerning clinical and energetic examination in homeopathy, published in 1992 as 'Physical Examination and Observations in Homoeopathy'.

His second book, 'Notes on Miasms and Heredity', (1994) is available from the WHN Bookstore. It explores the difference between individual and hereditary energy in every human being.

Over the past 18 years, Dr. Degroote has been developing a database of dreams, primarily from his own practice, which are to be published electronically in 2009 as the Dream Repertory for RADAR.

Dr. Degroote is a member of the group 'Bryonia' (Homoeopathia Europea), the Royal Belgian Association for Homoeopathy, the International Institute for Advanced Homeopathic Investigations (I.I.A.H.I.), and also a teacher at V.S.U. (Flemish Medical Association for Classical Homoeopathy).

Among his important publications are:

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