Alize Timmerman


Alize Timmerman

Alize Timmerman started her career in biochemical research, working in hospitals in The Netherlands and Norway and at the University of Amsterdam.

Later on she studied Naturopathic Medicine and Homoeopathy and started practicing in 1981 and lecturing in 1986. She is the founder (1988) and director of The Hahnemann Institute of The Netherlands.

The Institute organizes in-service training for practicing homoeopaths. Alize lectures all over the world, combining her unique insights in Homoeopathy and Psychology with a special talent for didactics and presentation. The Hahnemann Institute of the Netherlands, inspired by J├╝rgen Becker, started provings and triturations in the nineties; in this way a vast amount of knowledge on both new remedies and the Trituration principle has been acquired.

She has a busy practice where she works closely together with 6 college's developping new strategies of treatment and refining homeopthic treatment. She is inspired by Hahnemann and does the Classical Homeopathy.

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