Liz Lalor

(1956 -)

Liz Lalor

Liz Lalor began working as an integrative natural therapist in 1980, with a thriving practice in Melbourne. Her practice includes several areas of special focus:

The Delusion Rubrics

Her exploration of the Delusion rubrics, which mirror the crisis that is both the cause and cure of illness, has proved to be a powerful tool in her practice. Liz is skilled in teaching both students and experienced homeopaths how to listen for the Delusion in the case.

Homeopathic Psychiatry

In 2011, Liz published a new book available from the WHN Bookstore: Homeopathic Psychiatry. It's a Materia Medica study of the psychotherapeutic application of the NEED for the psychological delusions within each of the constitutional remedy profiles. This Materia Medica greatly expands our understanding of destructive pathology within the simillimum, transforming case-repertorisation. Download a PDF flyer for Homeopathic Psychiatry

Remedy Types and Relationships

Lalor's successful treatment of her son's illness helped to cement her belief in the unique healing abilities of homeopathy. It was also the inspiration behind her book, A Homeopathic Guide to Partnership and Compatibility, which is available in the WHN Bookstore.

To explore the dynamics that are at work between partners, Liz uses homeopathic relationship analysis. She uses characters from literature and media to illustrate personal needs in a relationship - for example Hamlet as Muriaticum Acidum, or Alice in Wonderland as Agaricus. The understanding that awakens from this kind of analysis contributes to a healthy partnership.

Successful Fertility Program

Liz also originated a Fertility Program, based on the ideology of Dr. Leon Vannier. As of March 2011, she had worked with 280 different women and been successful with 246 babies born.

Lalor works to help homoeopathy reach the mainstream public. Both her book and her successful work with infertility have attracted people who would otherwise never have tried homeopathy.

Books by Liz Lalor