Anne Vervarcke

(1952 -)

Anne Vervarcke

Anne Vervarcke trained in classical homeopathy in Belgium and in the Netherlands at the School for Homeopathy in Bloemendaal and Amersfoort.

She established The Centre for Classical Homeopathy (CKH) in Leuven, Belgium, which organizes a five-year training course, a Postgraduate course, a yearly seminar, and an International Training.Anne served as program creator, teacher, and director for 15 years. She also has a private clinic since 1989.

Anne Vervarcke has developed her own style of practice, the AV Method, based on her 20-years of accumulated teaching experience, seminar attendance, and investigation in her private practice. The AV method is based primarily on the work of Rajan Sankaran, combined with classical knowledge and insights from phenomenology and linguistics.

She coordinates international trainings and seminars, teaches in the CKH, offers post graduate seminars, a Master Class, and online training.

Anne Vervarcke has published several novels and nine books on homeopathy, of which three are in Dutch for the general public, “Klassieke homeopathie, niet te geloven?!” and “250 jaar na Hahnemann.” The book “Voorbij Lichaam and Geest” contains 9 exemplary cases from the Master Classes with clear analyses and discussions. Seven of her titles have been translated into English, and other titles have been translated into French, German, Serbian, Bulgarian and Czech.

Her English language publications for homeopaths include:

The Charm of Homeopathy, which describes how she developed her method, the AV Method.

The Postgraduate Annual 2006, a succinct overview of her method, demonstrating its value in daily practice in both adult and pediatric cases.

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