Franc Mueller


Franc Mueller

Franc Mueller was born in Rotterdam, Netherlands. He has been on the faculty of the Academie voor Klassieke Homeoapthie in the Netherlands since 2000, and school Director since 2007.

Both Franc's father and grandfather were classical musicians, and music has played an important role in Franc's life. His first interest was in pop music at age 11. After secondary school, he studied chemistry for a short time, but abandoned that in favor of studying the classical guitar.

Franc's introduction to homeopathy came three years later when he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. His road to cure took about 5 years, after which he decided to study music therapy.

Franc eventually began formal training to become a homoeopath. Since 1990 he has practiced as a homoeopath, music therapist and psychotherapist, with increasing emphasis on homeopathy.

He taught music and biology at a Steiner secondary school before he was asked to teach anatomy and physiology at Academie voor Klassieke Homeoapthie in Zwolle.

Franc has written books and articles in Dutch, including a book about the Compositae Family and another about case taking.

In addition to homeopathy, Franc's interests in spirituality and music have taken him down many roads: exploring Rosecrusianism, Sufism, Zen-Buddhism and Antrophosophy; studying flamenco guitar, Indian tabla, turkish darabuka and more. Alongside teaching, Franc maintains a busy practice and enjoys family life with his wife and children in the Netherlands.

Books by Franc Mueller: