Homeopathy and the Human Microbiome: The key to Lyme and other Chronic Diseases

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Homeopathy and the Human Microbiome:
The Key to Lyme and other Chronic Diseases

with Ronald D. Whitmont, MD

A single session course


Dr. Whitmont's session on Homeopathy and the Human Microbiome was one of the most highly reviewed sessions at the conference.

If you missed his lecture, you will not want to miss this session!

Session Overview

Chronic inflammatory diseases are on the rise in every society utilizing conventional pharmacologic medicine. Most of these inflammatory conditions were virtually unknown a little more than a century ago, but now affect nearly 50% of the population.

Evidence from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Human Microbiome Project provides compelling evidence that the use of many conventional treatments causes acute conditions to become chronic.

The homeopathic treatment of Chronic Lyme Disease is reviewed in this context, and cured cases demonstrate the benefit of working in alignment with the microbiome, rather than against it.

About Ron Whitmont, MD

Ron Whitmont, MD (bio) is a second-generation Classical Homeopathic physician, current president of the American Institute of Homeopathy, and former president of the Homeopathic Medical Society of the State of New York.

He serves as Clinical Assistant Professor of Family and Community Medicine at New York Medical College, where he directs studies in Complementary Alternative and Integrative Medicine.

Dr. Whitmont has been in private practice utilizing Classical Homeopathic medicine in both Rhinebeck and New York City, NY since 1995.


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Praise for Dr. Whitmont

Your presentation was one of the best at the JAHC. Thank you for sharing your insights.
— Susie Overmyer
Dr. Whitmont is a personable and professional speaker who conveys intricate information concisely, such that medical doctors and lay people alike can easily understand and apply that knowledge.
— Torey Ivanic, PA
Dr. Whitmont presented a comprehensive and enlightening account of the nature, extent and significance of the microbiome, including a good deal of scientific data. His presentation was eminently practical in that he detailed a good deal of information linking the microbiome and its disruption with the existence of many chronic diseases, including lyme disease and diseases of autoimmunity. A significant take-home lesson related to the devastating effect of indiscriminate and excessive antibiotic use.
— Nick Nossaman, MD
This year at the NCH conference in Westminster, Colorado, I had the pleasure of hearing Ron Whitmont, MD speak about the microbiome. This was the first time I had heard him speak. His presentation was a terrific mix of scientific data with his own new and original insight into chronic illness and Lyme disease. He was insightful and intelligent in his delivery, communicative with the audience and thoughtful in his request that the participants take a fresh look at a paradigm of illness and consider a whole new way of helping people heal. I look forward to hearing more from Dr. Whitmont on this exciting and important topic.
— Amy Novatt, MD

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