We are happy to introduce the Q-Rep, the amazing Repertory of
Mental Qualities, by Jeremy Sherr and Raphael Neu.


Once you use the Q-Rep, you won’t know how you managed without it.

  • Simplifies repertorization: easy to choose rubrics, no need to combine rubrics or do MM Searches - everything is there!
  • Use small remedies and new provings with unprecedented accuracy and reliability.
  • Can be used in combination with conventional MacRepertory rubrics.
The right rubric is the rubric that is true to the case and has the right remedy in it
– Jeremy Sherr

Q-Rep makes it simple to choose rubrics that fit your case without missing potential remedies. For each rubric we have combed all the repertories, materia medicas and the very latest provings and cases.
Each entry is checked back to the original source.

The Q-Rep Contains inclusive rubrics that are required in daily practice but are difficult to find elsewhere. Here are a few examples: Big ego, Control, Carers and helpers, Divided, Failure, Guilt, Home, Insects, Low self esteem, Money, Music, Obsessive compulsive, Opinion of others, Perfectionist, Snakes, Type-A, Victim and Water.


Read an introduction to the Repertory of Mental Qualities (PDF)

View a Powerpoint presentation on the Repertory of Mental Qualities (PPTX)

Watch a presentation on the Q-Rep

Watch a short tutorial video about the Q-Rep with Jeremy Sherr.


The ingenious Q Rep is one of the finest reportorial tools available today. There are numerous approaches to reportorial development from the Therapeutic Pocket Book to the contemporary Kentian repertories. Jeremy Sherr's approach is a unique contribution which should be used by all students and practitioners of homeopathy.
— Kim Elia
I am using Q-rep in my daily practice. Jeremy's meticulous work with Q-rep makes it a reliable aid in finding the best possible remedy for each patient. It works well both for me and my students and I can highly recommend it for every professional homeopath.
— Birgitta Williams, Principal, The Arcanum Homeopathic School, Sweden
Let me tell you how much I love this repertory!! I recommend it to everyone. I has made my day and some clients day already quite a few times. :-)
— Vanessa Parrado Lobo
The conventional repertory is an amazingly useful tool - but not in all cases. Our contemporary patients talk in a different language that is often notoriously hard to translate into 19th century Victorian English.
When this happens (or even before) reach for Sherr's brilliant thematic repertory of mental qualities. It reaches inside the one dimensionality of mental rubrics with the benefit of a more contemporary and sophisticated understanding of the human psyche.
— Alastair Gray, National E-Learning Manager and Campus Manager | Gold Coast at Endeavour College of Natural Health
I use the Q-rep all the time and wonder how I managed before. I have witnessed the work Jeremy and Rafi have put into it over many years and can guarantee all rubrics are checked and triple-checked for accuracy. And what's even better is the rubrics include new remedies as well.
Small investment today, great rewards every day!
— Camilla Sherr, Tanzania