The paperless office for homeopaths has arrived...

Compass Screenshot
Compass Screenshot

User - friendly and Colorful
COMPASS is the perfect software to organize your entire homeopathic practice.

Keep Track of Everything
Spend more time on homeopathy and less on busywork.
Spend less time on paperwork and more on healing.

No More Filing
COMPASS automatically organizes all your clients' information in one safe place: charts, prescriptions, appointments, invoices, letters, photos and so much more.

Measure the Results of Your Work
Research on every aspect of your practice is just a click away.

Generate More Business
Follow up with patients, track referrals, and keep in touch with the greatest of ease.

COMPASS saves me an astonishing amount of time. It has taken my practice to a whole new level of ease & efficiency.
Richard Pitt (CCH, homeopath, teacher)

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You can purchase now or at any time before
(or after) the 30-day trial without losing any data.


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You can purchase now or at any time before
(or after) the 30-day trial without losing any data.

COMPASS helps me keep track of the many threads of my practice with the greatest of ease. I spend more time helping people & less on paperwork. It's brilliant!
Karen Allen (CCH, homeopath, teacher)



Organize all your clients' information

  • Client charts (case notes)
  • Prescriptions
  • Treatment Summaries
  • Calendar
  • Daily Log
  • To Do Lists & Follow up Tracker
  • Photo Albums

Communicate easily & efficiently

  • Individual Letters & Emails
  • Envelopes & Labels
  • Mass Mailings

Track & measure the results of your work

  • Sex and Age Demographics
  • Outcomes Audits & Remedy Audits
  • Client-based Research

Integrated financial records & reports

  • Client Invoices & Statements
  • Bank Account (a single account)
  • Financial Reports (monthly, annual, custom, sales tax reports & more)

And so much more, including...

  • A Personal Address Book for non-client contacts
    (including letters, envelopes, photo album etc.)
  • Remedy Inventory
  • A Personal Materia Medica
  • Birthday Lists
  • Referrals and Sources Tracking
  • An inspirational "Aphorism of the Day"
  • Six versions of the Organon to study side by side.

More Information about the features:

As a new practitioner, COMPASS has been invaluable for helping me manage the many, surprisingly complex details of running a homeopathic practice. I started using the program as a student and I love how organized my cases are. COMPASS made the transition from student to practitioner a breeze.
Gwynn Cadwallader (CCH, homeopath)

Technical Info

Hardware Requirements

COMPASS works on any new or fairly new Macintosh or Windows computer.

COMPASS has been developed in FileMaker Pro 11. FileMaker is a comprehensive, cross-platform relational database.


About the Developers

Compass has been developed by Miranda Castro & Jim Hoyt. Miranda & Jim have been working together since 2000 on a variety of homeopathic projects starting with Kent Homeopathic Associates (creators of MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks) and including the National Center for Homeopathy and COMPASS!

Miranda Castro

Homeopath, Author, Educator and FileMaker

“I had to be dragged kicking and screaming into this brave new technological wonderland nearly 30 years ago. Once I was in I was hooked. I love technology... starting with my first Mac 30 years ago. I defected to PCs in the 90s and back to Macs about 6 years ago.

“I am passionate about all things homeopathic: I have used it my whole life in one way or another, I have been practicing homeopathy since 1982, and teaching and writing about it since 1986.”

Jim Hoyt

FileMaker Developer and Web Designer

“I have been working with Apple Macintosh computers since 1985 and developing FileMaker databases since 1987.

“I have designed, developed and maintained databases and websites for the homeopathic community since 1992 including Washington Homeopathic Products, Kent Homeopathic Associates (now Synergy), the North American Society of Homeopaths and the National Center for Homeopathy.”