WholeHealthNow is proud to partner with The Canadian Academy of Homeopathy to present a very special DVD series.

Advanced Home Study DVD Courses in Pure Homeopathy for Professionals

Taught by André Saine

If you are interested in Hahnemannian (i.e., pure) homeopathy, this is a unique opportunity to greatly improve your skills as a homeopathic practitioner. Under the guidance of master homeopath, Dr. André Saine, you will learn the principles and methods of how homeopathy was meant to be practiced, allowing you to help your patients with the safest, most effective, and deepest-acting medicine of our time.

List of the DVD Courses available
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WholeHealthNow presents
The Homeopathic Treatment of Neurological Patients

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WholeHealthNow presents
An Evening With André Saine - Clinical Evidence Supporting the Efficacy of Homeopathy

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WholeHealthNow presents
An Evening With André Saine - The Homeopathic Treatment of the Patient with Cancer

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Bonus Material
Summary of the Response to
Dr. Novella's First Question

Novella-Saine Post-Debate First Q & A Complete

Refund Policy: No refunds issued for André Saine courses

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