A Homeopathic Approach to Autoimmune Disorders

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An Introduction to Essential Nosodes

Dr. Lemke is known for helping her patients who have challenging sensitivities. Join her for a look at strategies she has found effective.

Homeopathic nosodes have been a subject of controversy ever since they were introduced. One only has to search for the word “nosode,” to see a slew of articles that misrepresent them. But homeopaths who know the nosodes well enough to use them have many remarkable stories to share. A well-chosen nosode can move a difficult case toward cure, giving relief to both the client and the practitioner. In this course, Dr. Angelica Lemke will introduce participants to nosodes that are less well known — some hidden gems that many homeopaths do not yet use, but which are critical when treating some of the symptom complexes one sees in homeopathic practice today.

In a new and unique format Dr. Lemke has invited three experts who have been instrumental in helping her use the nosodes effectively to participate in some of the sessions: Bridget Biscotti Bradley, Vir McCoy, and Michelle Stephens.

Highlights of the course include:

Bartonella – The Dark Beast
A Bartonella infection often manifests as a web of nightmarish symptoms, ranging from streaked rashes to full-blown rage. Dr. Lemke will share pediatric (PANS) cases in which use of the Bartonella nosode effectively reduced symptoms. Participants will be encouraged to deduce Bartonella key symptoms that should be included in our homeopathic materia medica. They will also learn the complementary remedies that assist Bartonella in its healing abilities.

Hidden Mold
Mold symptoms manifest in all areas of the body and there is a wide array of remedies that can treat mold sensitivities. These remedies often help normalize the high histamine levels that are associated with mold symptoms. Guest speaker Bridget Biscotti Bradley, a healthy home expert, will discuss why mold is particularly problematic these days, and will share the remediation techniques she uses that are complementary to homeopathy.

Differentiating Lyme Co-infections
Guest speaker Vir McCoy, co-author of Liberating Lyme, will discuss homeopathic and other complementary treatments for Lyme. Dr. Lemke will join Mr. McCoy in discussing the various nosode differentials for Lyme/Borrelia and its co-infections, including Babeisa, Rickettsia, Ehrlichia and Mycoplasma.

Angry Bacteria: Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Clostridia (and more)
Participants will learn the differences between the various Streptococcal and bacterial nosodes, particularly as they apply to PANDAS cases. Guest homeopath Michelle Stephens, who has become an expert in using these nosodes in such cases, will participate in the discussion.

Effective application of Isopathy and Tautopathy
How can we apply both classical homeopathy and isopathy or tautopathy to the same case successfully? This course will teach you how certain clinical symptoms suggest a need for other types of remedies. A wide variety of remedies will be discussed, including combination remedies, and participants will learn details about combining constitutional prescribing with isopathic or tautopathic recommendations (including the dosing schedule).

Viral Nosodes
Dr. Lemke will create space for an open discussion about the many lessons for humanity a viral epidemic can bring to the forefront. She will also cover the appropriate application of other viral nosodes, including Varicella and EBV, in treating chronic cases.

About Angelica Lemke

Dr. Angelica Lemke earned her naturopathic degree in 2009 at Bastyr University. Her practice focuses on treating pediatric neuroimmune disorders — everything from Austism Spectrum Disorder to Lyme Disease — and she has recently published a book, Healing Complex Children with Homeopathy. In her book, Dr. Lemke discusses how homeopathy helps to strengthen our immune systems so that we can fight off infections. But, perhaps most interestingly, homeopathy helps us gain self-love and self-reliance. She has been working with complex pediatric cases for over a decade.

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Praise for Dr. Lemke

I have always been fascinated by homeopathy and have been studying it for a long time. Dr. Lemke is the best teacher I have ever had. She is very knowledgeable, honest and funny, and you can feel that she loves to teach. She is very supportive and teaches in a way that lets you internalize the material. One thing I really like about her is that she is still eager to learn herself. In my opinion studying homeopathy is a lifelong journey and there is a new lesson in every single day.
— Silke Weiss, Homeopath, Virginia
I have personally taken every course Dr. Angelica Lemke has taught. There is so much I love about her courses. I appreciate that the information she presents goes beyond text book. I feel like it is all the information I want/need to apply to real-life cases. Since I practice from an intuitive place I am compatible with her teaching style. The classes are interactive and engaging and FUN! Also, I love the community of homeopaths that I have met in class. They have become like family! I highly recommend EVERY course Dr. Lemke teaches.
— Jeni Clark, Homeopath, Florida
I have been a patient and homeopathic student of Dr Lemke for 7 years. She is a thorough, knowledgeable, competent and warm Homeopath. As a teacher her spectrum of skills surpassed courses taken at classical homeopathy schools, both in content depth, understanding and case sharing. She is exceptionally gifted in bringing homeopathy to life with real world explanations and examples. Her grasp of philosophy, kingdoms, applications and treatment of Autism and PANDAS is solid, inspiring and groundbreaking.
— Beth Monterosso, Homeopathic Practitioner, Reiki Healer

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