From Abscess to X-ray: Homeopathic Treatment of the Acute Dental Patient

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From Abscess to X-ray:
Homeopathic Treatment of the Acute Dental Patient

with Dr. Gary Fortinsky, DDS, FCAH, CCH

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Homeopathy in Dental Practice:
A Toothsome Amalgam
of Treatment Options

with Dr. Gary Fortinsky, DDS, FCAH, CCH

They say that a good dentist never gets on your nerves, but the reality is that dental ailments and procedures can produce a lot of anxiety and pain. Why grin and bear it when homeopathic remedies bring relief, speed healing, and can be used prophylactically to prevent and reduce discomfort? Join dentist and homeopath Dr. Gary Fortinsky as he explains how teeth are built and the types of trauma they may endure, and carefully extracts which remedies are homeopathically applicable in a variety of dental situations.

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Did you know that the hardest substance in your body is tooth enamel? That over the course of your life, you will spend a total of 38 days brushing your teeth? And that Egyptian mummies have been found with dental fillings in their mouths? There are many fun facts about teeth, but here are two more sobering ones:
60-90% of schoolchildren and almost 100% of adults worldwide have dental cavities; and severe periodontal (gum) disease – which may result in tooth loss – can be found in 15-20% of middle-aged adults. Additionally, oro-dental trauma occurs in 16-40% of children globally as a result of such factors as unsafe playgrounds, sports injuries, and road accidents.

Sadly, all of these conditions are typically accompanied by pain, ranging from the merely irritating to the immensely intolerable. Pain impacts our ability to sleep, focus on work, and enjoy food and family life, and, in desperation, we reach for antibiotics and pain killers to alleviate our suffering. Homeopathy can get to the root of the problem, offering gentle, rapid relief and, furthermore, stimulating the body to combat any infection that may be present. But, in order to prescribe the correct remedy, it is necessary to know what questions to ask so that useful symptoms are elicited.

Dr. Gary Fortinsky is a rare combination of dentist and licensed homeopath who passionately combines both disciplines every day in his practice. Because of his extensive training, he is uniquely positioned to help you understand the pathophysiology of the tooth and its surrounding tissue, and which remedies may or may not be indicated under various pathological circumstances. What if the incorrect remedy has been used, or the symptom picture has changed? What can you expect, and how can you predict treatment outcome? Learn from real clinical cases, and increase your knowledge of the natural history of dental pathology.

Unlike sharks, who can use up over 30,000 teeth in their lifetimes, adult humans only have 32 precious teeth that cannot naturally be replaced. Homeopathy can play an important role in their preservation, whether through prophylactic prescribing of remedies to alleviate the sequelae of invasive treatments, pain management, or stimulating the body to fight infection. Join Dr. Fortinsky and sink your teeth into a unique six-week webinar that has tremendous relevance and applicability, whether in clinical practice or everyday life. Learn how to approach acute dental complaints, including gum infections, jaw pain, wisdom teeth, root canals, and even teething, from a homeopathic perspective, and when to employ such remedies as Arsenicum, Nux vomica, Belladonna, Silica, and, of course, Arnica.

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About Dr. Fortinsky

Dr. Gary Fortinsky is both a dentist and a licensed homeopath. He graduated from the University of Toronto in Dentistry in 1992, and became interested in finding more tools to help his patients. His first homeopathic course was in Chicago at the Dental Seminar in Homeopathy in 1994, but he found that three days, once a year, was simply not enough to satisfy his quest to learn. He subsequently enrolled in the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy in Montreal, and completed the three-year course in Advanced Homeopathic Prescribing taught by Dr. André Saine in 1998. Since the inception of his private practice in 1997, he has been an active participant discussing the many controversial issues surrounding current dental procedures, including mercury amalgams, fluoride use, and root canal therapy. He dispenses homeopathic remedies on a daily basis in his dental practice, which is located in Toronto, Ontario.

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Praise for Dr. Fortinsky

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Fortinsky for many years. Being skilled as a Dentist, Homeopath and in Craniosacral Therapy is a unique combination. When he is called by a particular modality, Dr. Fortinsky pursues his studies deeply and responsibly. His patients speak glowingly of their experience with him.

Gary has amassed valuable clinical experience as regards Homeopathy in dental situations. He is sought after as a lecturer to Homeopathic, Naturopathic and Dental groups.

Listen carefully. When he speaks it is from many years of personal experience, and you will benefit from anything he teaches.”
— Joe Kellerstein, DC, ND

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