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At WholeHealthNow, it's our mission to promote homeopathy... and we do this in every way we can: software and educational sessions; webinars and teleconferences; our online events calendar & articles; we even do seminars — all as a service to our community.

This portal provides homeopathy students with one-page access to our most important resources. Bookmark this Page – there are many reasons to come back regularly.

On this page: WHN Courses / Homeopathy Timeline / Find-the-Remedy / Professional Articles / Teleconference Interviews / Events Calendar / WHN Newsletter

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Our collection of live interviews with Master Homeopaths is available online 24/7, and we're adding new recordings constantly.

To learn about upcoming calls sign up for our email newsletter so you can participate live.

And of course, enjoy learning from the hours of recordings from past calls.

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WholeHealthNow Courses

  • World class homeopaths teach live, by phone, while their detailed Powerpoint presentations and case notes go straight to your computer
  • Enjoy recordings of archived courses – study at your leisure, again and again
  • Continuing Education Hours offered for live attendance & for newer courses with our Video & Quiz option
  • Our media-rich courses are presented live, with simultaneous computer and telephone conferencing
  • The lively presentations include tips for successful practice as well as advice on how to study
  • By working the case examples in advance, you can be fully involved with the presentation of the solution
  • Image-rich explorations of course material are designed to ensure easy retention of the material

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Homeopathy Timeline

The WHN Timeline unveils the history of homeopathy, beginning with Hahnemann and extending through the present day.

It includes birth dates of many important figures, biographies, important events, publication dates of key books and journals — plus historical sketches of homeopathy in many countries.

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Find the Remedy


These exercises are an aid in your study of Materia Medica.

Each one presents a description of symptoms, and your research then uncovers the associated remedy.

Every answer includes an EH analysis, a list of keynotes from RADAR, and a downloadable file for EH and RADAR owners.

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Professional Articles

Our Collection of Homeopathy Articles provides a foundation that rounds out your homeopathic education.

Checkout these highlights:
Organon Study Outline by Julian Winston
Study of the Materia Medica by Constantine Hering
George Vithoulkas Collection
Hahnemann Revisited (full Intro) by Dr. Luc De Schepper
Translating Patient Symptoms to Repertory Language by Dr. Farokh Master
Taking the Case a 15 part series by Dr. Will Taylor


Events Calendar

This is a great place to keep up-to-date on special seminars by key homeopathy practitioners.

We also list teleconferences and video courses, as well as regular instructional sessions for many schools.

Check in regularly for updates on the many opportunities to enhance your education in our healing art.

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