The Art of Sculpting a Case - Mastering Case Taking for Ultimate Success in Practice

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The Art of Sculpting a Case
Mastering Case Taking for Ultimate Success in Practice
with Dr. Joe Kellerstein

Six 2-hour Sessions

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NLP and Clean Language in Homeopathic Case Taking

The goal of case taking (receiving) is to facilitate the patient's sculpting of a richly described symptom landscape. With a well-taken case, the accurate matching to a medicine from materia medica is assured.

How often do you emerge from a case taking session feeling powerless in the face of a "flat" set of symptoms that lead only to large rubrics?

The simple questioning tools introduced in this webinar will make an immediate and dramatic shift in your ability to acquire a deeply satisfying case, ultimately helping you narrow the maze of differential points in remedy selection.

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So often in homoeopathy, what we know of the patient comes to us in words. And since words can be used to illuminate or to obscure, to describe or to fabricate — since words are often used unconsciously or ironically — how do we perceive clearly what must be cured in each individual case of disease?

Learn effective interview techniques in a six-week course with renowned homoeopath and teacher, Dr. Joe Kellerstein. Dr. Kellerstein has been using the concepts of Clean Language and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and 4 Quadrant questioning for 20 years in his own case taking. He uses advanced listening to help the patient sculpt a precise image of the disease to be removed, making the appointment more efficient and the prescription easier.

Dr. Kellerstein will employ a Socratic approach which will help you acquire the skills required to fully elicit the information fundamental for successful homeopathic practice. Participants in this course are guaranteed to take a quantum leap in this most important aspect of homeopathy.

About Dr. Kellerstein

Dr. Kellerstein, Doctor of Chiropractic and Naturopathic Medicine, is both a gifted teacher and a respected scholar of homeopathy. He has been in practice since 1983 providing chiropractic and homeopathic care. His principal homeopathic teachers include Andre Saine and Robin Murphy.

Dr. Kellerstein was the first Chairman of the Department of Homeopathy with the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. He currently teaches a post-graduate program, Hahnemannian Perspectives, and also lectures at the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine. He recently completed a 66 hour course on The Organon for WholeHealthNow.

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The Art of Sculpting a Case

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Praise for Dr. Kellerstein

This call with Joe has been the best study experience I have had so far in homeopathy... I just wanted to thank you guys at WHN for offering this conference call and to let you know - this group would be grateful for any course offerings by Dr. Joe Kellerstein.
— Julian James
Dr. Kellerstein is the real deal! There are no gimmicks, no false promises, no shortcuts, just good old classical homeopathy presented with absolute clarity.
— Daniel Lander, B.Sc.Hon. N.D
It has been a distinct pleasure to have attended several lectures on classical homeopathy taught by Dr. Joseph Kellerstein, D.C., N.D. His knowledge and presentation of the Organon and homeopathic materia medica are surpassed by very few. He has a rare capability of taking seemingly complex concepts and synthesizing them into easy to understand teachings that can be implemented into practice the very next day. I have learned and continue to learn a great deal from him. I highly recommend attending his lectures. You will be truly enlightened.
— Dr. Saveria A. Zambri

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