Planes, Trains & Automobiles

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Calling in from various locations across the globe, three seasoned homeopaths - Richard Pitt, Alastair Gray & Kim Elia, will share their perspectives on staying healthy while traveling.

Travel, whether for work or pleasure, has the potential to cause either tremendous joy or terrible disappointment. The disappointment is particularly acute because expectations surrounding travel run so high.

The yearly vacation, planned months in advance, was supposed to subdue marital woes, the business trip was supposed to facilitate a promotion, the photo shoot was supposed to produce the next viral video on YouTube … and so on. An assumption is made regarding the trip—a high expectation is set—but meeting it can be a challenge, especially considering all the things that can go wrong when one is away from home.

When the goal is met—the trip is as perfect as it can be—there’s no better feeling in the world. Even when a few minor problems arise a trip can be deemed a success. But when the bad starts to outweigh the good, the memorable experience one hoped for turns into a nightmare better forgotten.

What causes a trip to derail so thoroughly? On the health front the trouble might be caused by a disease or physical ailment—malaria, hypothermia, or a snakebite – to name just a few hazards. On the travel front, lost luggage, a fraudulent cabdriver, or a cancelled flight might cause derailment. On the personal front it could be caused by general grumpiness, drowsiness, fatigue, an over-zealous TSA search, or disagreements within your travel group. And then there’s the unpredictable weather: A tsunami or hurricane doesn’t make for a fun time unless you’re a weatherman.

Travel insurance—after the fact—can alleviate some of the pain of deflated plans, but only to a point. It can’t cure your illness, change your attitude, or salvage damaged relationships. Can anything help turn a trip around when it's threatening to crash and burn? Yes! Homoeopathy can do just that. Not homeopathy, which means “suffering at home” — more on that topic during the class.

Having collectively circumnavigated the globe hundreds of times, Alastair Gray, Richard Pitt, and Kim Elia have enough material for a travelogue that covers the entire world. They’ve experienced both the highs and the lows of travel, and are coming together in this new series to share their strategies on how to overcome the lows with homœopathy. Fun stories of the highs will be sprinkled in, so stay tuned for an interesting and informative six sessions.

It’s a 3-2-1 offering, with Kim covering the gamut in three sessions—everything from first aid to jet lag to Montezuma’s revenge. Richard, in two sessions, will focus on the acute and tropical diseases that can overthrow a well-planned and highly anticipated trip to an exotic location. Alastair’s session will cover “all the tips and tricks you need when you’re traveling,” those homœopathic strategies that will allow you to travel anywhere, in any style, and in perfect health.

Buckle up and join these experienced travelers — who also happen to be homœopathic masters — on their journey into the stratosphere of homœopathic treatment on the road.

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About Richard Pitt

Richard Pitt has practiced homœopathy for over 30 years. He originally trained and practiced in the U.K. and also studied homœopathy in Greece and India. He has been involved with homeopathic education for many years, running a school in San Francisco for 12 years, and also teaching throughout the country. He was involved with the development of standards of practice and education, serving on the board of the Council for Homeopathic Certification for 17 years, which has established the largest accreditation organization in North America.

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About Alastair Gray, MSc, BA Hons, PCH, PCHom, DSH

Alastair Gray teaches at and heads up the academic, operations, course development, research and learning technologies departments at the Academy of homœopathy Education NYC | World. In addition, he holds various consulting roles: academic (Endeavour College, Australia and College of Health and homœopathy, NZ), educational (National Centre for Integrative Medicine, UK), as well as consulting to many organizations on homeopathic provings and e-learning world-wide. Prior, in Australia he headed up the homœopathy department at Endeavour, later the bioscience department, and was the National Academic e-learning Manager.

Read more about Alastair Gray

About Kim Elia

Kim was inspired to study homœopathy when he read Gandhi’s quote about homœopathy, “homœopathy cures a greater percentage of cases than any other method of treatment. homœopathy is the latest and refined method of treating patients economically and non-violently.” He has been studying homœopathy since 1987 and graduated from the New England School of homœopathy. Kim was in clinical practice with Dr. Paul Herscu, author of The Homeopathic Treatment of Children, Pediatric Constitutional Types.

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Praise for Richard Pitt

Richard is uniquely qualified to teach this course, as can be seen from the glowing testimonials about his book, The Natural Medicine Guide for Travel and Home.

Richard Pitt has written an invaluable and very practical guide to the use of homeopathy and natural medicine in treating virtually all that ails us. In this book - which belongs in the home as much as a suitcase - he shares his wealth of experience in homeopathy, gathered over decades of research, worldwide travels, teaching and treating patients.
— Richard
I found Richard's teaching brilliant. He was able to share a lot of Philosophy and Homeopathic Materia Medica with us.
— Khadija Shahball
This little book has been such a wonderful resource for me. I thought I would only be using it to prepare for a trip but I consult it regularly at home. It has herbal and homeopathic remedy suggestions for everything from colds to jet lag and frostbite. I've used it to help me this winter season with sinus issues, allergies, colds, and joint pain. It's been very handy! The writing is concise and clear, and it is well organized with both a remedy and condition index. I highly recommend this book as an easy to use, comprehensive first aid guide.
— Ginger R
Having the opportunity of being taught by Mr. Richard Pitt at the 4kenya School for Integrated Medicine in Kenya has been fascinating and adventurous. His knowledge of Materia Medica and Homeopathy is highly impressive and I have never met someone so insightful, sophisticated and experienced as him.
— Annette Amadi
This well-organized and very usable homeopathic first-aide guide is indispensable for the world traveller or anyone who needs help with common ailments, not only those encountered on walk-abouts but also at home. Also highly informative about health challenges you are likely to meet while traveling and what to do about them. Highly recommended.
— Hal Blacker

Praise for Alastair Gray

All I can say is that meeting Alastair and taking his classes have been a turning point in my career. It has flipped me upside down and shaken a lot of those hindering thought patterns that seem to be cast upon us by other well-meaning homeopaths, and other practitioners. If only his lectures and perspectives were part of every curriculum - I think we'd see a very different rate of success and tenacity in graduates.
— Tony, Australia
These sessions provided the bridge and the tools necessary for spanning the gap between being a homeopathic practitioner and running a successful business. Alastair, in his own energetic individual style encouraged us to expand our boundaries, and delve into realms we either didn’t know existed or were afraid to go. The course also bought together all the fragments that, for me, never fitted together, resulting in a much clearer picture. Thanks Al, for helping me to put the pieces together.
— Jenny, New Zealand
Your seminar was absolutely excellent and your dedicated, yet common-sense approach to classical homeopathy was refreshing. Having done a lot of teaching myself over the last 30+ years and seen lots of other teachers, I can tell you that practicing a discipline well and being able to teach it well are two very different aptitudes, and only rarely do they happen to coincide in the same person. Congratulations on being one of the very few!
— Amanda, USA

Praise for Kim Elia

I have learned many things from Kim. Anybody who has heard him once would certainly want to hear him again and again.
— Dr. Farokh Master
"Kim Elia is one of our most exciting and dynamic homoeopathy teachers. He is a literal wealth of information, not only homoeopathic philosophy and practice but in the historical sequences that created homoeopathy. Highly recommended.
— Jeremy Sherr International Author, Director, Dynamis School
You haven't lived until you have had the enormous pleasure of experiencing Kim Elia's teaching. With his dynamic, entertaining, engaging and up-beat style, Kim taps into his vast knowledge to bring remedies to life, forging an indelible impression. Kim is the perfect storm of whirlwind energy, masterful understanding and lightning perception - all to regale you with the kind of learning experience that lasts forever.
— Frans Vermeulen and Linda Johnston, MD Author, Concordant Reference, Synoptic Reference, Prisma, Monera, Fungi and Plant Remedies

Meet the Instructors

This distinguished group of instructors has contributed to homœopathy over the past decades in a variety of areas including education, literature, software development and training. Check out these free video sessions and meet them now.

Richard Pitt
Alastair Gray
Kim Elia

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