Materia Medica Comes Alive! Homeopathic Remedies You Thought You Knew

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Materia Medica Comes Alive
Homeopathic Remedies You Thought You Knew!

A Six-week Course with WholeHealthNow Favorites ~
Farokh Master, Will Taylor & Kim Elia

Farokh Master, MD Will Taylor, MD Kim Elia
Thuja Chelidonium Carcinosin
Heroinum & Agnus castus Sanguinaria Conium maculatum


Join popular instructors Farokh Master, MD, Will Taylor, MD and Kim Elia, as they team up to present an unforgettable 6-week course on Materia Medica Comes Alive ~ Homeopathic Remedies You Thought You Knew!

This course will focus on a series of remedies which are fairly common in daily practice but very much under-prescribed.

Materia medica study is a central part of ongoing homeopathic training. Ultimately, a sound knowledge of materia medica is pivotal to successful homeopathic practice.

In these sessions, the instructors will present case examples and differentiating points among other remedies to provide you with a deeper understanding of these “essentials” from our materia medica. Instructors will cover the use of these remedies in a wide variety of conditions, bringing to light their many facets through in-depth study and comparison.

Above and beyond illuminating these remedies, Farokh, Will and Kim will provide insight into a deeper understanding of how to study materia medica. These remedies will be your lens for fine-tuning your ability to develop your own insights into materia medica.

From Hering's Diagnostic Method to more thematic approaches, these sessions will survey a broad range of strategies for achieving proficiency in this fundamental aspect of successful homeopathic practice. Rather than a dry description based on a list of symptoms, you will be presented with a three-dimensional dynamic understanding, providing unforgettable images of these essential remedies in practice.

Participants will come away with an enhanced understanding of these commonly indicated remedies, and will emerge from this course with a deeper level of confidence in the study of materia medica.

Topics to be covered include:

Kim Elia - Carcinosin

Carcinosin is one of the least understood and yet most important remedies in contemporary homeopathic practice. In addition to providing a clear, unforgettable description of this vital remedy, Kim will also discuss a recent proving which he supervised and which confirmed symptomatology gleaned from clinical practice.

Dr. Master - Thuja

During this session, the mysteries of the Arborvitae tree will be fully revealed. Jung's theory of dissociation and its correlation to Thuja will be thoroughly explored in the context of clinical practice. In addition, compensatory mechanisms including the common dreams of Thuja will be discussed.

Kim Elia - Conium maculatum

Conium maculatum, one of the better-known members of the Apiaceae family, is frequently prescribed for a variety of conditions including cancer, paralysis and injuries to glands. However, this infamous remedy, which was ingested by Socrates because of his “negative” influence on the youth of Athens, can be used in a host of other applications. Through cases and in-depth materia medica study, this remedy will become alive and unforgettable.

Dr. Taylor - Chelidonium

Chelidonium majus, a remedy which is often confused with Lycopodium, is usually prescribed when there is some form of liver or gallbladder dysfunction. However, it is also a good remedy for the treatment of headaches. During this presentation, Dr. Taylor will explore the many facets of this important remedy, forging a clear picture you will never forget.

Dr. Master - Heroinum & Agnus castus

Diacetylmorphine is a very important alkaloid of opium. In the description of this important remedy, the themes of being disappointed and betrayed will be fully discussed. Issues of self-depreciation and severe depressive phenomena will also be explored. The compensatory phenomena of this remedy are very well documented in the form of dreams and this will be examined in some depth.

Agnus castus
Agnus castus, or the chaste tree, is a remedy which is thought of for debility and impotence. However, it also produces symptoms of strong dissociation with reality, making it an important remedy in the treatment of schizophrenia. The schizophrenic state usually appears when the vital force is totally depleted on both the mental and physical level. Join Dr. Master as he provides an illuminating description of this under-prescribed remedy.

Dr. Taylor - Sanguinaria

Sanguinaria canadensis is a remedy which is frequently prescribed for right sided headaches, right sided shoulder pain and hay fever with obstruction on the right side. However, it can be used in a variety of other complaints and contains a well understood mental and emotional picture. Join Dr. Taylor as he delves deeply into this vital homeopathic remedy.

About Our Instructors

Farokh Master (bio), Will Taylor (bio) and Kim Elia (bio) are three of today's most engaging homeopathic educators. Building on a classical foundation – and on a combined experience of over 75 years – this compelling trio brings modern clinical practice to life in an accessible, practical and unforgettable style.


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Materia Medica Comes Alive!

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Praise for WHN Courses & Our Instructors

I must say I am completely and totally impressed with the online classes you provide. I wish I had more time!
I especially appreciate “simple” classes that go in depth regarding one specific remedy, such as Helleborus, Aethusa, Rhus tox, etc. I would love more of these! Kim Elia and Dr. Taylor do such a fantastic job of presenting the whole picture of remedies. I would appreciate even one-hour classes on the more common remedies... I have studied these remedies but I consistently get a clearer picture after a session with Kim or Dr. Taylor.
Thank you for making these available!
— Anna Buck
WHN is doing a fabulous job with these courses - we get the benefit of continuing education without the huge expense and travel issues associated with live seminars.
— Jiuan H.
I just wanted to thank you for your wonderfully enlightening and stimulating course on Rheumatic Diseases. I learned so much from the enormous detail you managed to cover each week. I'm sure it takes a tremendous amount of time and energy to research and compile each lecture - but nothing goes unnoticed Will, I'm sure everyone is most grateful to you.

I know I've said this to you before, but I'd really like to tell you again - you are an extremely inspiring educator with a depth of knowledge in so many areas, it's always such a treat to spend whatever time I get to share your insight. And all this with a wonderful sense of humour.

Melissa is such a delightful co-ordinator - don't know how she manages to listen and take notes while at the same time attending to everyone's questions and statements. You guys make such a great team and I always come away from each webinar with the feeling that I've just had 2 hours of fun!

I'm so looking forward to the Cardiovascular Course you will be doing with Farokh.
— Joanne Lipinski
Dr. Master's highly focused classical approach is a wonderful reminder of the simplicity and depth of good classical homeopathy. So much can be learned from his deep understanding of the core tenets of homeopathy, his grasp of the Organon and his extensive clinical experience. His pediatric book is one of our core resources at Teleosis as his grasp of how materia medica comes alive in children is unsurpassed. I highly recommend his books and seminars!
— Kim Kalina, CCH, RSHom (NA), Core Faculty, Teleosis, Boston
Kim rounds up huge amounts of information along with memorable pictures for each of his undertakings. I very much enjoyed the 2-hour production and will be viewing it again to pick up the extras I missed during the quick paced event.
Kim's hard work and masterful mind are very much appreciated.
— Marilyn Hirsekorn
Author, Pictographica Homeopathica
A big THANK YOU to everyone there at WHN and especially to the instructors for all the work that goes into the courses. These courses have greatly increased my successes in prescribing and my confidence and enthusiasm when I was about ready to hang it up. Online courses bring wonderful opportunities to those of us who live greater distances from the education centers of the homeopathic community. Please keep the courses coming. Each course I have taken has helped me to understand more precisely at least one case I was struggling with... and of course the more general cases have become more clear also. Now these clients are enjoying a new level of health. Homeopathy is so amazing - sometimes even when we least expect a cure.
A Fan of WHN......
— Janice Hanson

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