Putting the Master in Mastery

Bring a medical doctor, classical homeopath and expert in advanced pathology into your own practice!

We are very proud to announce the addition of Drs. Farokh and Rukshin Master to the WHN Master Consulting program!

The Masters run their own clinic in Mumbai while also consulting with six hospitals in the area on advanced cases of disease. Even while traveling extensively to teach homeopathy, Dr. Farokh Master prescribes remotely for cases taken by his daughter, Rukshin. This impressive pair handle pathologies like chronic renal failure, nosocomial infections, hypoxic brain injuries, cancers and chronic collagen disorders (to name only a few).

If you need backup for some of the advanced disease you see in your practice, consider hiring two of the world’s most experienced classical homeopaths by the hour. They’ll help you with case taking, remedy selection and chronic case management.

For decades, Dr. Farokh Master has been practicing, writing and teaching homeopathy. With more than 37 years experience in a hospital setting, he is uniquely qualified to assist with serious cases. He appears frequently on WholeHealthNow webinars, and he is the author of numerous books on pathology and materia medica. For years, his daughter, Rukshin, has trained and worked under his tutelage, and she now works closely with him, casetaking and consulting on his cases.

Few homeopaths in the world have as much hospital experience as the Masters. Add their expertise to your toolbox!

Rates start at $300 an hour.

Special discount for five hours of consulting
purchased in advance, only $1,400.

Drs. Farokh and Rukshin Master share some of their background and approach to supporting you with your cases.

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About Dr. Farokh Master and Dr. Rukshin Master

Dr. Rukshin Master has a Degree in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery from CMP Homeopathic Medical College in Mumbai, and has completed postgraduate courses at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy in Alonissos, Greece. She is currently pursuing an MD in Pediatrics at the University of Agra. She has received clinical experience and is currently affiliated with six hospitals and health centers in India.
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Dr. Farokh Master is recognized worldwide for his contributions in the treatment of cancer & homeopathy. He is the recipient of numerous national and international awards and honors for outstanding contribution to classical homeopathy, cancer and homeopathy, homeopathic education and other alternative therapies. He has also authored more than 55 books. A lifelong learner, Dr. Master is currently pursuing his MD in Advanced Cancer. His current special field of interest includes the treatment of advanced pathological conditions.
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Your session with Drs. Rukshin and Farokh Master will be conducted via Skype. Once you select and purchase your session(s), you will be contacted to schedule a mutually convenient meeting time.

Your case consultation will be conducted by Dr. Rukshin Master with additional consultation by Dr. Farokh Master.

Important note: Earn Clinical Supervision hours

The current CHC clinical training criteria requires 390 hours of training, and will increase to 500 on 1/1/16. Up to 360 of these hours (after 1/1/16) the CHC considers as Observation and Analysis (O/A) training. The Master Consulting program offered through WHN currently qualifies for O/A training but not for the 10 supervised cases.

What others are saying

Dr. Master's approach to cases is phenomenal. He sees the patient in a way which would change your perspective of the case. His rubric selection is accurate. He knows not to mistake one word for the other and when to give importance to which symptom. I have taken his help over several cases over the years and have found beautiful results. I thank my stars for having him in my life.
- Paul Mayers
I was suffering from chronic anxiety and depression since 13 years. I was referred to Dr. Master by my friend and since then I have never looked back. Homoeopathy has changed my life. It has been 4 years since the treatment has started and I wake up feeling better and better. I also referred my husband to Dr. Master for his Irritable Bowel Syndrome and he too has benifited greatly from the treatment.
- Cathy Andrew
"I am a student of Dr. Master's. I would say he is one of the most understanding and compassionate persons when it come to case taking. He knows how to evaluate his cases with precision and I have gotten to learn a lot from him. I hope everyone is as lucky as me to take this advantage.
- Tomy Nair
My husband was an advanced diabetic with diabetic nephropathy and was advised dialysis. With the help of Dr. Master's treatment we could prevent dialysis and my husband has been able to live a very healthy life.
- Dinaz Choksi
I had a recurrent cancer of the tongue (3 recurrences). After Dr. Master's treatment I have had no recurrence for the past 11 years. I have lived a very healthy life after homeopathy.
- Percy Engineer
I had an advanced Cancer ovary with metastasis. The metastasis as well as the tumor have also regressed without the help of any chemotherapy or radiotherapy - only on Homoeopathic medicines from Dr. Master.
- Nalini Aware
I had 3 recurrences of Mouth Cancer with metastasis. Dr. Master was able to palliate the complaints well.
- Sushil Ghai