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Homeopathic Strategies
for the Treatment of Covid & Long Covid
Some Clinical Tips
Dr. Gaurang Gaikwad

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Learn about a proven strategy for the homeopathic treatment of these conditions.
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Acute conditions are sometimes the hardest to treat. They require fast thinking and the ability to clearly differentiate between remedies, so that the dire need for relief by a patient is not a matter of guesswork.

In Dr. Gaurang's upcoming 6-week course he will teach you many clinical tips that provide homeopaths with confidence in their treatment choices, thereby improving accuracy in those emergency situations.

This course will have a particular focus on children’s acute conditions. For example, Dr. Gaurang often uses Torula to alleviate vaccination side effects in children or Pepsinum in cases of acid reflux. But his map will also include acute flare ups of chronic conditions, such as arthritis of the knee joint.

Case studies are incorporated into each session in order for Dr. Guarang to show his Map in action, and back up his clinical tips with live examples. Dr. Gaurang is known for his interactive and energetic teaching style that will keep you engaged. Additionally, he welcomes questions and allows time for Q&A at the end of each session to clarify information and/or to give expanded detail where needed.

Conditions that will be discussed in this course include:

  • Neuralgias – facial
  • Throat infections, tonsils, adenoids
  • Sciatica and backache
  • Acute arthritis
  • Dysmenorrhea
  • Colic – renal colic, stones

This course will give you increased confidence in handling acute cases, including Covid-19 cases of all types. Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to learn Dr. Gaurang’s clinical therapeutics. He has been sharing his Map in India and Europe, and we are pleased that he will now be reaching a wider group of homeopaths so that you can gain new insights and improve your practice!

Free Bonus Sessions on December 20

In two one-hour sessions, Dr. Gaurang will give therapeutic strategies for the management of both acute and “long Covid” cases. He will cover every Covid-related condition imaginable and the curative materia medica he will discuss might surprise you. To give just two examples, he has used Scutulleria with excellent results to combat post-Covid mental fatigue and dullness, and he has used Medorrhinum for treatment of anosmia, to help patients regain their sense of smell.

With more than 19 months treating Covid-19 cases in India and Europe, Dr. Gaurang has developed a specific Map for Covid-19 — a clinical Covid-19 Repertory — and it has proven successful time and time again. He will also discuss how he tackles post-vaccination complications, giving many valuable materia medica tips for the array of symptoms from vaccination.

About Gaurang Gaikwad

Dr. Gaurang is an accomplished homœopathic practitioner and internationally acclaimed teacher and researcher. His dynamic approach blends classical homœopathy with advanced kingdom methods. Homœopaths from around the world travel to receive clinical training with him. He has presented at numerous conferences and online courses, many of which are translated into multiple languages.

Dr. Gaurang is the author of Decoding Mental Rubrics (translated into French) and Materia Medica of Nosodes and Sarcodes. He recently held a well-received workshop in which he discussed the sarcodes and nosodes, including the bowel nosodes. His most recent publication, Art of Repertorisation, Rediscovering Old and Forgotten Repertories, helps readers to understand the different repertories and includes difficult cases of acute viral diseases.

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Two Free Bonus Sessions:

Session #1:

Session #2:

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Praise for Dr. Gaurang

Watching Gaurang consulting a large number of severely ill patients every day is an incredible experience. I wondered how it was possible, to be so accurate and to get to the core of the patient so quickly and efficiently, when the pathologies he must be dealing with were so diverse and heavy. Part of the explanation is that the different homoeopathic repertories are no secret to Gaurang, to the immense benefit of his patients. Through the many trainings that Gaurang offers, he shares clinical tips to master the art of repertorisation. Knowing the rubrics is an important part of solving a case, yet knowing which repertory applies to which situation is another key aspect. Today, I am happy that Gaurang has written a book on the subject of Repertories, because he is undoubtedly a true master of it. Many homoeopaths are not aware of the existence of smaller repertories and their immense beneficial use in certain situations. Thanks to Gaurang, the 'secrets' are now unveiled.
— Florentina Tisianu
Homoeopath from Switzerland
I have had the good fortune and pleasure of attending Gaurang's consultations for several years now. I was able to witness his evolution and especially, his expertise in the art of using the repertoire in synergy. I could even say that I really learned how to use the repertoire by observing him, which has considerably changed and anchored my practice. The repertoire has become a very easy to use and fun tool. It has become my anchor of practice while continuing to use the system, the sensation system and the genius to find the remedy. Instead of looking for too precise rubrics at the beginning of the consultation, Gaurang will rather look for larger rubrics for symptoms (most of the time physical or general symptoms) that will highlight remedies that we would not have thought of at all at the beginning. This allows us to open our minds and to get out of the known. Then, as the consultation evolves, the rubrics will become more and more precise and directly related to what the patient evokes. In the end, we will have a safe prescription that will allow us to be confident not only in the first prescription but also in the follow-up.
— Dr. Isabelle Monfort
Homéopathe (SSMH)
I had the opportunity to follow Dr. Gaurang for a few days back in 2019. I must say that I was amazed by his speed to understand cases and also by his numerous and brilliant cases. I think every good homoeopath knows well one repertory or one way to understand cases, but often, we see a patient who doesn't fit in our way to take the case. This is where Gaurang with his vast knowledge of all the repertories finds the best way to solve a case and help the patient. Those who will read this book will surely improve their success and the well-being of their patients. Thank you for your dedication and your work.
— Leo Suerinck
Homoeopath from France
Learning is a lifelong journey. I have been lucky enough to meet wonderful teachers in my life, but one day you meet one who does more than teach you, who inspires you. It is fascinating to see Gaurang’s work as a homoeopath and learn from his vast knowledge in multiple approaches, his clinical experience, and art of repertorisation. His students are changed forever, enriched with knowledge, creativity and compassion. Thank you so very much!
— Marcia Huerlimann
Homoeopath from Switzerland

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