The Cat’s Out of the Bag

This course ended April 11th, 2019

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Move Over Dr. Doolittle!
An Intro to Successful Homeopathic Treatment for Animals
with Christina Chambreau, DVM

Join us for a special free session!
Dr. Chambreau will discuss how even beginning homeopathic students can help their animal friends. She will present a case and provide an overview of her upcoming course, The Cat’s Out of the Bag.

Cat Dog and Horse

The increasing prevalence of chronic disorders in animals is a challenge for many pet owners. Fortunately, homeopathy can be of great help. The question is: Can those people who are homeopathically trained to help humans also help animals?

In practice, working with animals is very similar to working with infants – neither can say what’s wrong or how they’re feeling. That doesn’t mean we can’t effectively employ homeopathy (with proper training of course). Animals have been successfully helped with homeopathy since Hahnemann’s time. Bönninghausen, Hahnemann’s esteemed peer, wrote in The Lesser Writings, “When I first began my experiments with the 200 potency, I limited (them) exclusively to animals, but by the most surprising successes I soon gained the courage to transfer them also to men.” The earliest recorded veterinary successes have carried forward and we now have a huge knowledge base that continues to grow with each generation of homeopathic veterinarians.

In this course, renowned veterinarian Dr. Christina Chambreau will use her extensive experience to teach you how to homeopathically help your pets, your friends’ pets, your clients’ pets and the animals at your local shelter or rescue group. Her course is designed for both skilled homeopathic practitioners as well as students who are only familiar with the basic tools of homeopathy.

Dr Chambreau with dog

Dr. Chambreau will explain, step-by-step, how to use our homeopathic guidelines to specifically help your furry friends. At the very first session, you’ll learn how to remove obstacles to cure. Case-taking, repertorizing, potency selection, remedy administration, and response evaluation will follow, giving you a complete plan of action for the successful homeopathic treatment of the animals in your life.

Not sure how to find an appropriate rubric for anal glands or tails? Dr. Chambreau will teach you how. Your cat refuses to take medicine? Dr. Chambreau has the solution to this problem and so much more, using homeopathy and also sharing other treatment strategies that have proven helpful in her practice.

During this course, Dr. Chambreau will cover the following conditions:

  • hypothyroid
  • hyperthyroid
  • skin and ears
  • seizures
  • asthma
  • autoimmune
  • inflammatory bowel disease
  • kidney disease
  • stomatitis
  • heart disease

And, as a SPECIAL BONUS, students enrolled in the course will have an opportunity to submit specific conditions and Dr. Chambreau will provide an overview - not what remedy is needed - but how to approach said condition in that animal.

For cases submitted in advance we will need need:

  • Current problem
  • Age, species, diet
  • Are the following given: vaccines, heartworm prevention, flea and tick conventional chemicals
  • A brief list of prior problems
Dr Chambreau with dog

Don’t miss this long-anticipated course with accomplished veterinary homeopath Dr. Christina Chambreau!

About Dr. Chambreau

A veterinarian for over 35 years, Dr. Christina Chambreau helped found the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy and was on the faculty of the National Center for Homeopathy Summer School for over ten years. She also edited the Integrative Veterinary Care Journal and wrote the Healthy Animal's Journal—giving people a simple way to track their pet’s symptoms and remedy responses.

Dr. Chambreau currently offers coaching to pet parents by phone and email, helping them choose the best treatments for their pets, and matching them to the best holistic veterinarian in their area. She’s on the faculty of the Holistic Actions Academy – which includes a weekly interactive webinar coaching program. She teaches throughout the United States to both veterinary students and lay homeopaths—committed fully to her goal of de-mystifying homeopathy and educating others about it.

Read more about Dr. Chambreau

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Praise for Dr. Chambreau

WOW! How inspirational and thought provoking your lectures are. It was wonderful to be able to hear you speak again this year at the holistic conference in Illinois. You gave each and every one of us something to think about.
I can tell that you are truly committed to teaching homeopathy in a way that makes an impact on others. Your weekend class inspired me to explore homeopathy - and now my entire life has shifted dramatically and for the better!
What I learned from the first class has been very beneficial. It saved my dog's life and has helped in many other medical situations. Looking forward to the second one.
I still refer to my tapes and notes from Dr. Chambreau's seminar. She is funny, interesting and a great teacher. In my opinion, anyone who has been lucky enough to attend one of her seminars will have an awesome experience!
Christina’s knowledge & love of her subject is obvious. She makes the class fun, yet ensures you get through all the needed material.
Once many years ago when I was managing a shelter in Vermont we had Dr. Chambreau there for a seminar. At that time there was a wee tiny kitten on death's edge. Christina suggested a remedy, and it was like a miracle. In literally a few minutes this limp little kitten was moving and living like any other. I'll never forget it!
I had the pleasure of attending a workshop you conducted in VT a couple of years ago - homeopathy for animals - it was wonderful and I've utilized the information extensively! Thank you -- my husband (an equine dentist) and I run the farm here with the utmost care taken to make sure we and the animals we caretake are offered the best species appropriate nutrition and are accosted with as little chemical warfare as possible.
I really value your class and your teaching. You are so real and really get people excited about this because you are … about this and about life. I do believe our overall commitment is to have hope and to act on that hope. You certainly are doing this.
We enjoyed you being here. It was such a blessing to learn from all your knowledge. You are a great teacher! Keep up the good work.
Fresh back from Summer School....... it was great! Christina is a great speaker but more than that she is such an inspiration for living the simple natural life. She really practices what she preaches.
Dr. Christina Chambreau taught the animal homeopathy classes. She is a great speaker and a true healer! I especially enjoyed the one on one attention! She gave me the tools to start on my journey, and the common sense to know when to refer to an experienced homeopath.
Just a quick note thanking you for a most educational and entertaining seminar!
Thank you very much for a wonderful class. I want my animals to be healthy and want it yesterday. I learned a ton and will use the information.
Your introduction to Veterinary Homeopathy class helped me to better understand homeopathy for people and animals. You cleared up a lot of my questions about potencies, dosage and case evaluation.
Thank you for speaking at the annual seminar for alternative therapies in veterinary medicine held at the University of Illinois. We had a great turnout this year, and thanks to your excellent lectures the seminar was a success!

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