Hahnemannian Posology

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Navigating a Complex Case of Multiple Sclerosis Using Hahnemannian Case Management

Dr. Pais will present a difficult case from his own practice, introducing Hahnemann's advanced case management methods from the 6th edition of the Organon. He will briefly look at Q potency posology, the so-called homoeopathic aggravation, and similar and dissimilar disease.

21st century homoeopathic practitioners are still not being taught Hahnemann’s Advanced Methods regarding potency, remedy administration, and follow up. Are you stuck not knowing how to use Q potencies or Centesimal potencies in water? Do you understand similar/dissimilar aggravations and how these reactions can inform your case management? Have you ever been convinced of the accuracy of your homoeopathic prescription but been unable to successfully administer the remedy? These questions (and more) will be answered during this 6-hour course.

Starting with the source, the 4th, 5th and 6th editions of the Organon, we will review the development of Hahnemann’s most successful prescribing techniques and how they can be pragmatically applied in your practice today. Using cases from practice we will explore the decision making process from the 1st prescription through ongoing case management. If you faithfully apply these techniques you will increase your success rate, helping your patients heal.

What you will learn in this course:

  • Q potency administration
  • Centesimal potencies in medicinal solution
  • When to choose which potency scale
  • Curing with little to no aggravation
  • Using similar/dissimilar aggravations to manage remedy response
  • In-depth case management techniques to facilitate cure
  • Practical follow-up protocol to expedite patient communication

Don’t miss the most highly rated speaker at JAHC 2019!
Dr. Gregory Pais has been successfully employing Hahnemann’s Advanced Methods in his practice for 26 years. If you want to master these methods in your practice, join his upcoming course on Hahnemannian Posology and Practical Case Management.

About Gregory Pais

Dr. Gregory Pais is a registered naturopathic doctor in the state of Colorado, board certified in homoeopathy by the HANP, and has been employing Hahnemann’s Advanced Methods in his practice for 26 years.

Utilizing the advanced methods of Hahnemann’s practice from the 6th edition of the Organon has enabled Dr. Pais to help many hypersensitive patients with severe chronic diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Asthma, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. He takes particular pleasure in helping these patients when other homoeopathic methods previously failed them. “To see someone suffering so much, refusing homoeopathic care due to previous bad experience, then healing with Hahnemann’s approach, is incredibly rewarding. I love returning them to homoeopathic care.”

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Praise for Dr. Pais

Great webinar! Really good examination of cases. Thank you so much.
— MM
That was an invaluable class for me today, Gregory! I’m so happy I was able to attend 'live' this time. Thank you so very much!
— Carolyn
*I really liked this course because it was very focused. I liked the reviews at the beginning of each segment, the ability to ask questions, the 2 hour length of time vs. a one hour webinar. Going through cases is always really helpful. I seem to have a lot of sensitive patients, and when I was doing my homoeopathic training with Dr. Pitcairn, we didn’t get to the LM/Q potencies in depth due to time constraints, and I’m really enjoying starting to use these and hoping for gentler responses.
— LC
"I was very pleased with this course, Gregory. You are a good instructor and I feel I am finally grasping 6th edition Posology Principles, thanks to this course. This course came at a very good time in my understanding/learning. I have renewed interest to study.
— KL

From his patients . . .

Lyme Disease patient

I truly believe that you saved my life. There’s no way I would have made it on my own.

Chronic depression patient

Thank you for being the doctor that you are. Without doubt you have the ability to grasp the essence of how I am feeling. I think you are indeed one of the rare individuals who actually listens when others are talking.

Husband and wife with chronic disease

Thank you for all you’ve done to improve our health and well-being.

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