Glyphosate Exposed

5 Sessions with Kate Birch
1 Bonus Session with Kim Elia1 Bonus Session with Maxina Ventura

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Special Free Bonus Session

Glyphosate Exposed: An Overview of Toxic Pathways and Interventions
with Kate Birch

+ An Introduction to the History & Politics of Monsanto & Bayer
with Kim Elia

Join us for an impactful session! Kate will review the history, use and ramifications of glyphosate, and touch upon approaches to detoxification and a path to cure. Kim will begin the conversation about the parties involved in this modern-day scourge.

According to the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC), glyphosate is one of the most widely used herbicides in the United States. It was first registered for use in 1974, and there are now over 750 Glyphosate-based herbicide (GBH) products for sale in the United States. The NPIC goes on to state that, based on the majority of studies, “glyphosate is not likely to be carcinogenic.”

The Environmental Protection Agency agreed with that statement in their 2017 risk assessment draft. They determined that glyphosate is not carcinogenic to humans “when the product is used according to the pesticide label.” In the same draft, they admitted that “potential ecological risks” to plants, birds, and mammals were found due to spray drift exposure.

On the topic of “spray drift,” the NPIC reported that “glyphosate isn’t likely to vaporize after it is sprayed.” The spray carries on the wind, its denseness never lessening, and contamination has caused certified organic produce — never directly sprayed — to test positive for glyphosate. Worse, the toxic chemical does not sit benignly on the soil or plants, and is not easily washed off. The NPIC freely admits that glyphosate was “taken up by carrots and lettuce after the soil was treated with it.”

ANOTHER Bonus Session *

A Look at Pesticide Activism . . . and more
with Max Ventura

Tuesday, November 12
5:00 - 6:00 pm Pacific time

*Students in the Glyphosate course will be enrolled automatically in this session.

Independent researchers (from the University of Berkeley, the University of Washington, and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai) published a meta-analysis with supporting evidence in the July - September 2019 journal, Mutation Research. They came to the conclusion that there is “a compelling link between exposures to GBHs and increased risk for non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL).” The highest exposure groups had an increased risk as great as 41%.

Kate Birch would agree with the independent researchers and argue further that illnesses other than non-Hodgkin lymphoma can be traced back to glyphosate exposure. A homeopath since 1994, Kate finally, in 2017, made the connection between her sudden-onset hyperthyroidism and a massive glyphosate exposure she experienced in 2006. Frustrated that homeopathic remedies had never fully cured her condition, she embarked on a glyphosate detoxification program that ultimately allowed her body to heal. Once the disruption caused by GBH was removed, homeopathic remedies did the rest. Kate’s eye-opening and life-renewing experience gave her the health and know-how to share her compelling story and what she learned along the way. In February 2019, she published her fifth book, Glyphosate Free.

Kate will present five, two-hour sessions – each will be packed with detailed information about:

  • Exposure pathways: Which bodily systems are most disrupted by GBHs?
  • GBH’s reach: What is the true extent of global GBH toxicity?
  • Impact on homeopathic cure: How extensively do GBHs create an obstacle to cure?
  • A solution: What can be done to remove the toxic overload of GBH?

Kim Elia will teach the sixth two-hour session and explain the history and politics of Monsanto, Bayer, and Round-up. He will discuss the history of GMO foods and the probable consequences of all the recent lawsuits against Monsanto and Bayer.

Max Ventura will offer a seventh bonus session for students in the course. She will discuss how statewide pesticides programs work, resulting in unseen pesticide exposure in our daily lives. She will look at the history of pesticide use and the resulting activism over past recent decades. By learning about what has proven effective, we won’t have to reinvent the wheel as we engage in actions to turn things around at the source.

Max will also share her thoughts as to how we may look at our patients and their needs when they come to us after their doctors, in most cases, have not understood the source of their illness(es) and have left them with no help at all.

We'll conclude the course with a live Q&A session following Max's presentation, with suggestions to empower ourselves to address the pervasive problem of pesticides in our communities. Between Kate, Kim and Max, you will come to know almost everything there is to know about glyphosate – a difficult but necessary topic.

This seven session course is outlined as follows:

  • Session 1: Glyphosate the Biome, Gluten and Tight Junctions
  • Session 2: Glyphosate, Enzymes, Proteins and Digestive Pathways
  • Session 3: Glyphosate, Neurotransmitters, Vagus Nerve, Acetylcholine and Cerebral Inflammation
  • Session 4: Glyphosate, Adenosine, Immune System, RNA Viruses, Vaccine Injury and Cancer
  • Session 5: Glyphosate, the Endocrine System and Effects on the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal or Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Thyroid Axes
  • Session 6: The History and Politics of Monsanto, Bayer and Round-up - rescheduled for November 26
  • Session 7: Experiences in Pesticide Activism, Course Wrap-up & Empowerment

GBH infiltration has impacted our clinical outcomes, our food sources, and our entire planet in horrendous ways. Almost any diagnosis or symptom can be triggered by the far-reaching effects of GBH. It’s time to understand these devastating consequences and learn effective strategies on how to combat this toxic menace in order to help our patients and ourselves.

Learn how to become Glyphosate Free in an increasingly toxic world!

About Kate Birch

Kate Birch lives and practices in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She came to homeopathy when, as a young mother, she witnessed her son suffering from acute asthma after vaccinations.

After successfully seeking treatment for her family, Kate studied homeopathy, and has been in homeopathic family practice since 1994.

Since 1990 Kate has over 2500 hours in homeopathic and clinical education and has studied under many international masters. Kate has a general practice for men, women and children for all health concerns from infancy throughout life. Since 2000 she has specialized in childhood development issues, infectious disease, vaccine damage and homeoprophylaxis. Kate has devoted her life to humanity through the practice of homeopathy. She is an internationally respected teacher and author of five books.

Read more about Kate Birch

About Kim Elia

Students from around the world have expressed appreciation and admiration for Kim's superb knowledge of the history of homeopathy, his deep understanding of homeopathic prescribing, and his extensive knowledge of materia medica. He is known for his dynamic and distinctive teaching methods which reflect his immense knowledge of the remedies and his genuine desire to educate everyone about this affordable and effective healing modality.

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About Maxina Ventura

Max came to Homeopathy as many do; her oldest child had a life-threatening allergic reaction to a cat's dander and was reacting to dogs, too. The medical doctor's plan was to give Benadryl for life. Max took her baby to a Homeopath. One dose of the required chronic remedy, and now, 24 years later, they have not experienced this issue again. When her next child was born and was displaying clear signs suggesting Autism (no vaccines, but huge pesticide exposures in Sonoma's Wine Country, including to Roundup and close to 40 other pesticides), he had a trip to the Homeopath and immediately the repetitive motions and sounds stopped. Whenever signs reappeared during his first 10 or 11 years, a trip to the Homeopath set him right back on track. Twenty-three and one-half years later, he has no sign of that susceptibility. Max's third child also grew up with Homeopathy as the family's primary care modality, and all is well.

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*Students in the Glyphosate course will be enrolled automatically in this session.

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Praise for Kate Birch

Kate is a master teacher taking complex subject matter and making it crisp and clear as a whistle. I love her teaching style for its clarity, bravery and honesty.
— Shelly Garrison, CCH, Mendocino CA
Kate has been a wealth of knowledge when teaching and sharing her journey of self cure from hyperthyroidism through the removal of toxins including glyphosate. Through her journey, she's had the foresight to take steps backwards to see a bigger picture of what's occurring. This truly helps to put more pieces of the puzzles together which will inevitably help thousands and thousands of people riddled by glyphosate and other toxicities.
—Cheryl Wood, MA
Kate’s teaching style includes the ability to hear and incorporate questions from the audience, making the listener feel a part of the presentation.
—Sarah Damlo, Homeopath, Minneapolis MN
Having Kate Birch as a teacher and mentor has been incredibly enlightening. Not only is she educated on the topics affecting the health of our world, but her passion is motivating, and her consciousness is inspirational.
— Katie Bromme, New student of homeopathy, Minneapolis MN
Kate is an excellent teacher. She has extensive knowledge about homeopathy, homeoprophylaxis and the impact glyphosate has on the body. Kate has a deep understanding of how the immune system functions, what disturbs immune function and what strengthens it. She adeptly integrates this information into homeopathic philosophy. She teaches at a 10M potency level; her lecture and classes take the professional homeopath to a higher level.
—Jackie Krammer, RSHom(NA), CCH, Minneapolis MN
Thank you Kate for getting this book out. It is exemplary with detailed information about Glyphosate toxicity and the application of homeopathic remedies to remove toxicity. Your hard work, passion, expertise & extensive clinical experience has been instrumental in bringing this excellent book out and is helping to change the world.
——Kavitha Kukunoor, CCH, RS Hom (NA), C.HP, BHMS
President & COO HWC: Homeopathy World Community
Kate is a motivated homeopath who spreads her knowledge so quickly with simple examples. My first experience with her teachings was during our journey to the Grand Canyon after a JAHC conference. We discussed many cases and her guidance was motivating for very difficult cases. She always had some reference to what she talked about. As we were walking on the Grand Canyon, she touched, sniffed and tasted many plants along the way without any fear, and she mentioned each time what that the plant is, characteristics, and why they are important for liver or kidney symptomatology. What I love about her is her perseverance in knowing and accomplishing an idea. Once that idea gets in her mind, she meditates and brings that to the world around us. I am not afraid to say she is my mentor. She has uplifted me and my practice in such a gentle way. So much so that she does not realize how she touches the homeopath with this subtle approach and lifts them up to ‘highest law of cure’ as in our aphorism of The Organon of Medicine. She is not only kind and humble, but brave when it comes to fight with the world for humanity. Her teachings are inspiring to me. Many of us have ideas, but contemplating that idea fruitfully requires dedication and devotion. I have no doubt her courses and classes, for beginner or advanced homeopath, to be fruitful in their practices. You always learn something new with her. We wish her success for all the hard work she puts together for the world of homeopathy and humanity.
—Umangini Desai, BMHS, RSHom(NA), CCH

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