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Free Bonus Session #2

More Pearls of Wisdom with Shahram Ayoubzadeh

Dr. Ayoubzadeh will share another unusual case of a small remedy that isn’t seen frequently in practice but which produces an amazing cure of a patient with a tumor in the brain and a history of stomach cancer. The pearls of wisdom gleaned from seeing how this master practitioner works will enlighten both students and practitioners. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn clinical insights that will immediately improve your understanding and practice of Homeopathy.

Free Bonus Session

The Road to Clinical Mastery through Live Case Analysis ~ An Introduction
with Shahram Ayoubzadeh

During this one-hour session Dr. Ayoubzadeh introduces advanced techniques in case taking and analysis and demonstrate two cases that were cured with lesser-known remedies from our materia medica.

With today’s widespread environmental, emotional and physical stresses, most homeopathic practitioners tend to see extremely complex cases with multiple dissimilar diseases, obstacles to cure and an overall compromised vital force.

We go to seminars searching for a level of expertise that can adequately address these difficult cases that we now regularly see in daily practice. More often than not, however, the cases presented at seminars and conferences don’t reflect the challenges of practice in the 21st century. Consequently, we are left feeling frustrated that we still don’t have the tools to manage these problematic cases. We frequently wonder, “How do I manage a case with multiple dissimilar diseases?” “How do I deal with patients using allopathic medications?” or “How can I possibly achieve success with the kind of challenging cases I see in my own practice?”

Proper case taking is the key to a successful prescription. With thousands of remedies in our repertories, the possibilities of homeopathic cures have increased tremendously but finding the appropriate remedy has also become more challenging. Clinicians must develop new skills and methods to delve deep into the patient's psyche and soma to discover what needs to be cured and to identify the appropriate curative remedy in any particular case.

This series will be your gateway to discover what in-depth case-taking looks like, in order to discover what really needs to be cured in a case, how the symptoms elicited are analyzed and how remedies are then selected.

This unique learning experience, presented over a period of 10 months, will offer a window into the day-to-day practice of a master clinician who employs advanced techniques that are easy to work with and reproduce. You will see instances in which Dr. Ayoubzadeh is successful, and equally, when he is stumped, and needs to regroup. This course is homeopathy in daily practice as we experience it, with all the intricacies required for successful prescribing!

Each session will feature a new patient intake and post-interview discussion. Following the initial consultation, the patient will be invited to return for a follow-up appointment.

As part of this course, you will have unprecedented access to Dr. Ayoubzadeh for questions on case analysis. You are invited to work on the cases in between sessions and as patients return for follow-ups. There will be further opportunity to explore case management strategies, including remedy choices, posology changes, and lifestyle issues/obstacles that need to be addressed.

This course will be packed with masterful interview techniques and case analysis and management tips that you can – and will want to – incorporate into your practice, from the very first class. Join us for a unique opportunity to learn advanced methodology techniques live, from one of the world's finest homeopaths.

NOTE: Due to patient confidentiality issues inherent in this course, all students will be required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement as part of the enrollment process.

Clinical Supervision Hours

During this course students may choose to enroll in an optional clinical supervision program. Clinical Supervision Certificates will be issued by the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine (CCHM). CCHM’s clinical hours have been approved by both ACHENA and CHO. The fee will be $300 for 10 cases, or $40 per case.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about this program.

About Shahram Ayoubzadeh

Shahram Ayoubzadeh, MD, ND, HOM

Shahram Ayoubzadeh practices as a Naturopathic Doctor and Classical Homeopath in Canada, and he is also trained as a Medical Doctor. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine in Dakar, Senegal, specializing in Tropical and Infectious Diseases. Since his arrival in Canada in 1987, he has done extensive study in the field of holistic and natural approaches to healing.

In 1990, he obtained his ND from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. Soon after he focused his attention on the field of homeopathy.

Having studied with many present Master Homeopaths, and drawing on 30 years of clinical experience, Shahram has successfully brought together the knowledge gained from various case-taking and case analysis methods into a coherent and practical set of skills to perceive a deep insight into the patient's state and translate it into remedy selection.

Shahram is presently the Clinical Director of Integral Health Clinic in Ottawa and the Clinical Supervisor, lecturer, Dean, and CEO of the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine in Toronto, Canada.

Read more about Shahram Ayoubzadeh

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Free Bonus Session:

The Road to Clinical Mastery through Live Case Analysis ~ An Introduction


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Praise for Dr. Ayoubzadeh

It has been a true privilege to have Dr. Ayoubzadeh as one of my mentors. I have loved learning and observing how his brilliant mind guides patients to the depths of their core being and issues. I would highly recommend attending any program or course he has to offer, he is a wealth of knowledge and truly a beautiful soul who has such a passion for homeopathy and healing others. He really is a gift to the world of homeopathy.
— Christine Dezeng
I have had the pleasure to watch Dr. Ayoubzadeh take several cases and to be part of an ongoing lecture series of his. It is an outstanding learning experience! His ability to take the patient to their core and understand what really needs to be cured is nothing short of phenomenal. His kind, non-judgmental way of being with patients and his in-depth understanding of homeopathic principles, materia medica and the levels of the human, combined with his 30 years of experience, culminate in a learning experience that is a true gift. I highly recommend taking advantage of any time spent learning from Dr. Ayoubzadeh!
— Heidi Buecking
Dr. Ayoubzadeh's insightful homeopathic skills have helped my whole being to heal and to grow. He has helped to transform my life in a profound way. I find him to be a very grounded person who approaches health care from a kind, loving, unbiased and accepting place in his heart and as a result is very successful in helping others to heal
— Zosia Religa
It was an amazing day today. In fact, not only today, every clinic with you has been amazing, and every Materia Medica class with you has been amazing. You have a very novel and convincing way of teaching. That this type of clinic will be continued in the next session is an exciting news for me. It will be a great service to the cause of Homeopathy.
— Sukhjit Chandi
As a classically trained homeopath who loves to learn, I have found Dr. Ayoubzadeh's lectures very interesting. His classes have allowed me to expanded my thinking and helped me add some additional tools to my homeopathic tool kit. I am already applying what I have learned with him in my daily practice and seeing good results with my patients.
— Kerri Flood

I highly recommend this internship program. The sessions we’ve had have been extremely valuable for me. I have gone back and listened to our last class a couple of times again, and every time I have learned something new.

Some of my key takeaways have been the art of consulting and the path of questions that help to uncover mental and emotional context behind physical symptoms to understand what’s feeding the disease and needs to be healed. I feel this is important to help in differentiating remedies.
— Shefali

This has been a great learning experience about case-taking and remedy differentiation.
— Julia Bayram
Being a patient under the care of Dr. Ayoubzadeh has been life-changing. He has been given the gift of healing; he takes the time to understand his patients at their core, to recognize what needs to be cured in them. This level of care has brought life-altering changes within me, for the better. His wise counsel during appointments has helped me to understand myself; this, together with adept remedy choice, has allowed my mental, emotional and physical health to reach a level I did not know was possible. He is a gift to homeopathy, and to the betterment of each patient who is fortunate enough to come under his care. He exudes patience, understanding, great depth of wisdom, and openness to create a truly therapeutic, healing environment. He has brought out the best in me; I owe my newfound enjoyment of life, depth of faith, and emotional stability to his knowledge, and to homeopathy.
— Tyler Groen

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