Live Homeopathic Case Taking, Analysis, and Management with Joe Kellerstein, DC, ND, FCAH, CCH

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Live Homeopathic Case Taking, Analysis, and Management
with Joe Kellerstein, DC, ND, FCAH, CCH

Course Overview

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A New Paradigm in Clinical Instruction: Live Homeopathic Case Taking, Analysis, and Management with Dr. Joe Kellerstein

Don’t miss this invitation to virtually join Dr. Kellerstein in his clinic, with actual real-life patients. See first-hand how he approaches a new patient, assesses progress during the follow-up appointment, re-thinks the case if necessary, and proceeds with remedy selection.

Enrich your own practice with a first-hand glimpse at how an experienced clinician approaches his successes, and failures, in homeopathy.

We all go to seminars searching for a model of expertise which can reproduce for us consistent results in daily practice. But so often, a modern practitioners’ methods are so unique to their style of practice that we can’t duplicate them and are left feeling frustrated. We frequently wonder, “Why was that remedy chosen?” or “How can I possibly do this in my own practice?”

This unique learning experience will offer a window into the day-to-day practice of a master clinician who employs Hahnemannian principles that are easy to work with and reproduce. You will see instances in which Dr. Kellerstein is successful, and equally, when he is not, and needs to regroup. This course is homeopathy in daily practice!

We are very excited to present this extended 14-week course with esteemed clinician Dr. Joe Kellerstein. You will witness first-hand the intake interview, case analysis, and management of real life cases.

With over thirty years' experience in both clinical practice and neurolinguistic programming/clean language, Dr. Kellerstein will demonstrate his unsurpassed case-taking techniques with live patients for you to watch in real time. You are invited virtually into his office as he takes the case, and subsequently to his wealth of homeopathic knowledge regarding rubric and remedy selection, posology, materia medica, and long-term patient management.

Aphorism § 3

"To be a genuine practitioner of the medical art, a physician must: . . . be aware of how to adapt what is curative in medicines to what he has discerned to be undoubtedly diseased in the patient, according to clearly comprehensible principles.”

Each odd-numbered week will feature a new patient intake and post-interview discussion. Approximately one month after the initial consultation, the patient will be invited to return for a follow-up appointment. On even-numbered weeks, you will have have unprecedented access to Dr. Kellerstein for questions on case analysis. You are invited to work on the case in between sessions and, as patients return for follow-ups, there will be further opportunity to explore case management strategies, including remedy choices, posology changes, and lifestyle issues/obstacles to cure.

This course will be jam-packed with masterful interview techniques and case analysis and management tips that you can – and will want to – incorporate into your practice, from the very first class. Join us for a unique opportunity to learn classical Hahnemannian methodology live, from one of the world's finest homeopaths.

“The disease state is the tool used to portray the remedy needed to ignite healing. This is the profound insight given to us by Homeopathic medicine. In other words, your body is telling us exactly what it needs if only we can understand – if only we listen.
. . .
I have spent nearly 30 years in practice, striving to help people suffering a wide array of illnesses. I am a Naturopath, Homeopath and Chiropractor. My mission in practice is to use the best of these skills to facilitate the achievement of your optimal health.”
- Joe Kellerstein

About Joe Kellerstein

Dr. Kellerstein, Doctor of Chiropractic and Naturopathic Medicine, is both a gifted teacher and a respected scholar of homeopathy. He has been in practice since 1983 providing chiropractic and homeopathic care. His principal homeopathic teachers include André Saine and Robin Murphy.

Dr. Kellerstein was the first Chairman of the Department of Homeopathy with the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. He currently teaches a post-graduate program, Hahnemannian Perspectives, and also lectures at the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine. He just completed a 66 hour course on The Organon for WholeHealthNow.

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You do not need to participate live to receive the full benefit from these sessions. All sessions will be recorded and posted on the private course website for review at your convenience.

*To receive Verification of Attendance: You must watch the live or recorded sessions, and complete all quizzes with a score of 80% or better. Please be sure to print and safeguard your letter at the conclusion of the course.

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Praise for Joe Kellerstein

Just a note of gratitude for all of your sessions.

I'm a novice homeopath and use it in my psychotherapy practise when appropriate and of course personally.

I've been studying on my own for 30 years on and off with some skillful homeopaths and I've never appreciated someone's lecture more. The pacing is so wonderful for me - the pace of the breath. Your attitude is positive and gracious and appreciative. Your knowledge is unbelievable. Your written presentation is beyond fabulous. I can actually use this one!

I didn't know why I signed up because I'm not a chiropractor or educated/practising homeopath...just something told me to and I know why now. In addition to learning about back injuries (I've had a 20 year yoga ileo-sacral injury that hasn't yet healed...I still have hope!) I've learned mostly about deepening my homeopathic case taking and understanding of the materia medica, etc. I love your approach.
— Sheryl Coryell

In the last 20 years the most well known homeopaths have given lecturers in Romania. The WHN courses are so perfectly structured and presented that it is a privilege to attend them. Moreover, I think the work WHN is doing is a way to pay respects to the exquisite old American Homeopathic School.
— Mariana Galesanu, MD, Bucharest

This call with Joe has been the best study experience I have had so far in homeopathy... I just wanted to thank you guys at WHN for offering this conference call and to let you know - this group would be grateful for any course offerings by Dr. Joe Kellerstein.
— Julian James

Dr. Kellerstein is the real deal! There are no gimmicks, no false promises, no shortcuts, just good old classical homeopathy presented with absolute clarity.
— Daniel Lander, B.Sc.Hon. N.D

It has been a distinct pleasure to have attended several lectures on classical homeopathy taught by Dr. Joseph Kellerstein, D.C., N.D. His knowledge and presentation of the Organon and homeopathic materia medica are surpassed by very few. He has a rare capability of taking seemingly complex concepts and synthesizing them into easy to understand teachings that can be implemented into practice the very next day. I have learned and continue to learn a great deal from him. I highly recommend attending his lectures. You will be truly enlightened.
— Dr. Saveria A. Zambri

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