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A mini-course that ended May 18th, 2019
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An Intro to Butterfly Themes in Homeopathy
with Liliana Miucci, BSc, Hom

Join butterfly aficionado Liliana Miucci as she provides an overview of her upcoming mini-course, The Butterfly Effect. She will provide foundational information including the physiology of butterflies, and discuss common themes, sensations and expressions of butterfly remedies in homeopathy.

When butterflies (Lepidoptera) grace our gardens, we’re thrilled that such lovely visitors have chosen to share our outdoor spaces. We take the time to watch them, even reaching out a hand to see if one will honor us by landing on a finger.

Butterfly Liliana Miucci has taken admiration for the butterfly to a homeopathic level. She’s carefully studied the taxonomy and symbolism of these insects, delving into their similarities and teasing out their differences. During this course, she will teach you how to recognize the specific disease pictures of 19 varieties of butterflies and moths. She’ll also give you pointers about how to avoid confusion between the butterfly symptom pictures and those of the birds. Both remedy families have flying in common, but this similarity—and a few others—is easily ascertained and segmented.

ButterflyUnder Liliana’s expert guidance the Butterfly remedies will come to life, and the fact that they’re not well-represented in our current repertories won’t matter. Their common themes, sensations and expressions will guide us to the butterflies in general, and the detailed information provided about each butterfly will become your complete Butterfly repertory – something to complement larger repertories used. Differences in the various butterfly disease states will be easily distinguished through symptomology, reported sensations, themes, Chakra/color types, and the verbal expressions and mental pictures seen in your patients.

The Butterfly remedies have proven to be curative with certain diagnoses more than others, and Liliana will include these when she covers the Materia Medica of each Butterfly remedy. Some of the diagnoses include:

  • insomnia
  • general agitation
  • skin conditions
  • urinary tract complaints
  • sexual identity problems

ButterflyAt the end of the course you’ll know how to recognize each Butterfly remedy, and your admiration for the butterfly may well have metamorphosed. This new remedy information will give you a useful tool for case analysis when the picture fits and the available repertories fall short of the mark.

About Liliana Miucci

Liliana Miucci (BSc, HOM), Classical Homeopath, began studying homeopathy in 2006 after seeing the significant effects of homeopathic treatment on her five children. Reading about its principles and philosophy made her realize that, “This is where I want to be.”

She studied at schools in Germany, Italy and Switzerland, earning a degree in Classical Homeopathy and Basic Medical Training.

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Praise for Liliana Miucci

Butterflies are so amazing and Liliana really transmitted her passion for these lovely creatures. I learned a lot!
Thank you for offering this complimentary hour.
— Ruthe S
I have never used a butterfly remedy, so found the seminar very informative and activating. It touched on a case that I have been considering for a while. Very well presented!
Would consider having a more full experience of the presenter and butterflies.
— Jerome P
I enjoyed the webinar on butterflies.
I would like to have one on the materia medica of several butterfly remedies, as the materia medicas are hard to find.
— Barbara E
Thank you for the wonderful webinar. Butterflies have always fascinated me since I was a child. I remember chasing them through the woods near my home. However, as a homeopath did not have the opportunity to study them.
Looking forward to your webinars in future.
— Lucia D

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