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 This course has been approved for 7 Category 1 hours by ACHENA.

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An Introduction to Bird Themes in Homeopathy
with Liliana Miucci, BSc, Hom

Join Liliana as she demonstrates how this course will teach you to recognize and effectively use the 40 proven bird remedies in our materia medica.

Our modern repertories contain about 40 bird remedies—all within approximately 10,000 rubrics—but how many of us have the know-how to use them? If a bird remedy comes up in a repertorization, how many of us have the confidence to pick it out of the field of known remedies? Typically, we focus on the familiar choices as our eyes gloss over the unfamiliar ones, but this course by Liliana Miucci will teach us to prescribe the bird remedies with confidence and accuracy.

Many of us love to bird-watch, and who hasn’t wished they could fly? Birds are fascinating, lovely beings that charm us with their songs, their independence, their mystery and their diversity. Birds, also known as Aves or avian dinosaurs, are unique, egg-laying, feather-covered creatures that have toothless beaked jaws, a high metabolic rate, and a four-chambered heart. The approximately 10,000 species range in size from the bee hummingbird to the ostrich, and birds live in diverse environments as well — from pollution-filled cities to the Arctic Ocean. Some of them exist on nectar while others prey on the smaller varieties of their own species.

The avian homeopathic remedies are just as varied, and during Liliana Miuccu’s 6-hour course you’ll learn details about 26 of them. You’ll understand bird taxonomy as well as the symbolism and the themes found in bird remedies, some of which are cooperation, play, and communication. Liliana will delve into the bird sensations, differentiating between raptors and non-raptors but also differentiating between the various raptors (Eagles, Hawks, and Falcons). She’ll show you how to zero in on a bird remedy by using either Sensation-based analysis or more conventional repertorization, and she’ll discuss the pathologies that bird remedies have proven to help, including:

  • Dislike or discomfort about rules and regulations
  • Sensations related to restriction – both mental and physical
  • Skin conditions
  • Stabbing, stitching, lancinating pains, especially in extremities
  • Stomach ailments
  • and more

After completing this course, you’ll have the confidence to prescribe a bird remedy when it emerges in your repertorizations and searches. Just as an eagle soars over a ravine, you’ll be able to brook this more obscure—yet crucial—class of remedies.

About Liliana Miucci

Liliana Miucci (BSc, HOM), Classical Homeopath, began studying homeopathy in 2006 after seeing the significant effects of homeopathic treatment on her five children. Reading about its principles and philosophy made her realize that, “This is where I want to be.”

She studied at schools in Germany, Italy and Switzerland, earning a degree in Classical Homeopathy and Basic Medical Training.

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Praise for Liliana Miucci

Thanks so much for the course, it was really very interesting. My ideas on homeopathy are now much clearer. I thoroughly enjoyed your energy and passion, your explanations were very clear. There were no negative points … except that we should spend a whole day on the themes you brought up, because there is so much more than I had imagined.
— Jessica C
Thanks again for the wonderful seminar!
—Daniela C
. . . the speaker's presentation and the translation were clear and incisive, and the environment friendly and relaxing.
—Vilma P
Thanks again for organizing this course. Precision and hospitality . . .
—Simona B
I really enjoyed your course on Homeopathy.
—Manuela B
Butterflies are so amazing and Liliana really transmitted her passion for these lovely creatures. I learned a lot!
Thank you for offering this complimentary hour.
— Ruthe S
I have never used a butterfly remedy, so found the seminar very informative and activating. It touched on a case that I have been considering for a while. Very well presented!
Would consider having a more full experience of the presenter and butterflies.
— Jerome P
I enjoyed the webinar on butterflies.
I would like to have one on the materia medica of several butterfly remedies, as the materia medicas are hard to find.
— Barbara E
Thank you for the wonderful webinar. Butterflies have always fascinated me since I was a child. I remember chasing them through the woods near my home. However, as a homeopath did not have the opportunity to study them.
Looking forward to your webinars in future.
— Lucia D

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