TBR2: The Bönninghausen Therapeutic Pocketbook Method

 This course has been approved for 13 ACHENA hours!

TBR2: The Bönninghausen Therapeutic Pocketbook Method
with Jamie Oskin, ND

A six week course

Note for NDs:

This course has been approved for 13 General CE Hours by the OBNM!


Free Bonus Session

The Vexation Rubrics in Bönninghausen
Clarifying the Concept with Case Examples
with Dr. Jamie Oskin

Did you know that when James Tyler Kent was compiling his own repertory (upon which nearly every modern repertory is now based), he mistranslated Bönninghausen's vexation rubrics and copied them into the wrong section!

In this free session, Dr. Oskin will clarify the concept of vexation, comparing rubrics in Bönninghausen’s Therapeutic Pocketbook with Kent's Repertory. He will illustrate the practical application of the vexation rubrics and show how to utilize them for better results in clinical practice.

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To benefit the most from this session, work through
these cases
from Dr. Oskin before watching the video.

*Participants in the TBR2 course may earn 1 Homeopathic Education Hour with this session!

This exciting series will introduce the pharmacologic model of similars discovered and developed by Samuel Hahnemann, including how Hahnemann’s materia medicæ were constructed. With that foundation, the series will illustrate how Bönninghausen created the repertory to most accurately aid the clinician in the application of Hahnemann’s pharmacologic model of similars in clinical practice. This course will include historical background on the construction of the materia medica and repertory so that you can understand how the tools were developed, and therefore, how to best access and utilize these primary texts in both study and clinical practice.

Special attention will be focused on the process of abstraction and recombination of symptoms in the materia medica, repertory, and in practical clinical application. Abstraction and recombination of symptoms in the application of similars was first developed by Hahnemann. Bönninghausen’s Therapeutic Pocketbook is the only repertory that is designed to accurately reflect and fully realize Hahnemann’s intended methodology in the application of the law of similars.

This introductory online series will include many cases illustrating the Bönninghausen Therapeutic Pocketbook method in practice. You will come away with a consistent and methodical case analysis method in which to approach cases utilizing Bönninghausen’s Therapeutic Pocketbook in order to apply the law of similars and significantly increase your success in practice.

The course will focus solely on the application of George Dimitriadis’ most accurate English translation of The Bönninghausen Repertory, Second Edition (TBR2), which is available as a hard cover book as well as electronically exclusively through MacRepertory. This course will provide students with a great deal of clinical application through case examples that will expand upon the prior course "Homœopathic Diagnosis, Hahnemann through Bönninghausen" taught by George Dimitriadis for WholeHealthNow. Cases and readings will be posted ahead of time so that students can fully engage with active learning to practice their skills using TBR2 to solve cases.

Among the several courses that I have taken from WHN … this has been by far the best one!! I hope that you can arrange very soon another course with Dr. Oskin.
— Dr. Juan Carlos Gamba - Quebec, Canada

This was an outstanding class. Dr. Oskin's professional presence and the way in which
he handled the course overall was top notch. He brings repertorizing to its basics so
that students learn what the rubrics mean. CoLoMo to MoLoCo revolutionized
my case taking. Excellent class!
— Anna Buck

Note for NDs: This course has been approved for 13 General CE Hours by the OBNM!

Attend this webinar series to confidently:

  • Utilize the primary homœopathic materia medicæ texts to apply the law of similars in practice.
  • Utilize abstraction and recombination of symptoms in the application of the law of similars.
  • Apply a consistent and methodical homœopathic case analysis method to solve cases utilizing Bönninghausen’s Therapeutic Pocketbook as a tool to access the primary text provings in the homœopathic materia medicæ.
  • Use case study examples to see the practical application of principles presented.

About Jamie Oskin

Jamie Oskin, ND is a highly trained naturopathic physician with an expertise in homœopathy and natural pediatrics. Dr. Oskin was inspired to study the Bönninghausen repertory after hearing George Dimitriadis speak at the Joint American Homeopathic Conference in Virginia in April 2013. He has been using TBR2 almost exclusively in clinical practice since then. Dr. Oskin is nationally regarded for his use of the Bönninghausen Therapeutic Pocketbook and has published the following articles utilizing TBR2:


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Recommended Resources

The Bönninghausen Repertory, second edition

Dimitriadis carefully outlines Bönninghausen's method in this improved translation.

The Bönninghausen Repertory - Therapeutic Pocketbook Method

Available for your computer, fully annotated and referenced, exclusively on MacRepertory

Organon 5th and 6th ed.

Samuel Hahnemann, MD
R.E. Dudgeon - translator
William Boricke - translator

Organon (Kunzli 6th edition)

Samuel Hahnemann
J. Kunzli, A. Naude, P. Pendleton translators

Hahenmann’s Chronic Diseases

Hahenmann’s Materia Medica Pura

Hahnemann’s Lesser Writings

Bönninghausen’s Lesser Writings

Additional recommended texts

Homœopathic Diagnosis

George Dimitriadis
Dimitriadis is an excellent authority on Bönninghausen and this book is invaluable in the homeopath's library.

The Theory of Chronic Disease According to Hahnemann

A review of Hahnemann's theory of chronic disease by George Dimitriadis.

About Dr. Oskin's Teaching

  • Solid, factual, evidence-based, referenced information (i.e. not "speculative" opinions).
  • Dr. Oskin was clear, well organized, thorough and scholarly! A terrific presentation.
  • Specific case histories were most helpful.
  • It's always fun to be challenged with cases, then to be given the remedy and results.
  • Excellent!!!

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